News Message from 06.12.2021
Spectral Wound @ Dark Troll
We hope that you have a nice pre Yule Tide and wanted to pack you today also again a surprise in your hopefully cleaned boots.
The one or the other has surely still on the screen and knows that one band is still missing to complete the Dark Troll Line Up. Well what can we say, from now on it is complete again and we hope that it can finally take place in May with all planned bands.

For the first time ever we can welcome a band from Canada at our castle ruin! The band was founded in 2015 and has already released three great albums.
They play unadulterated and unadorned black metal. Against the grain of both the atmospheric and militaristic trends of the genre, they carves a space beyond the fetish of nature or the romance of power. Without God, without Satan, without Odin, without nation, without transcendence, without essence. They channel the horrors of the flesh and the violence of the spirit, deformed under the weight of history, poised on the brink of a whirling void.

Join us in looking forward to Spectral Wound from Montréal!

News Message from 05.12.2021
EU-Tour September 2022
Here comes the next big announcement from In Fiction Entertainment.
Get ready for an massive unholy, atmospheric EU tour in September 2022.

Ereb Altor who will release their new album "Vargtimman" on January 14th and headline an EU tour for the first time ever. You can expect new songs as well as some classics, which you should not miss.
Special Guests:
Our roster band Lucifer's Child, which will release a new split CD "Under Satan's Wrath" on March 25th and will surely present one or the other new song.
Also from our roster Waldgeflüster, who have just released their new sensational album "Dahoam" with which they have stirred up the German album charts.
And last but not least also from our roster ÄERA, who are just burning to finally unleash their full potential on humanity. They bring their 2019 released debut & and the EP "Schattenfall" which was released this February.

The tour will take place mainly in Central Europe, starting on September 2nd and ending on September 10th. The first dates are already set and we hope to present you the full tour dates in January.
Are you up for it? Where would you like to see the package live?

PS: Tomorrow evening you should check out the Dark Troll Festival and visit the Facebook page again ;) \m/

News Message from 21.11.2021
Shop Update
We have updated our shop https://shop.in-fiction.eu/ a bit and added the remaining stock from Fimbul and Simson Festival.
Keep your eyes and ears open for more news from In Fiction Entertainment!

News Message from 13.05.2021
Special Shirt Design
Actually, the first bands would be playing right now and we would have a great time together. It really hurts to not be able to celebrate Dark Troll for the second year in a row...
But as a consolation and as already announced, we want to offer a special shirt like we did last year, which you can order in our shop soon.
A big fat thank you for the front design goes to Wolfenmond Art. Have a look at her page and give it a like \m/.
Also a big thank you to Shelter Design Studio for the postproduction and the backprint.

We have another request and would be happy about your participation.
Would you like to have another Facebook Live Chat on Sunday, like we did almost exactly a year ago?
If so, would you rather do it in the afternoon or in the morning?

News Message from 09.05.2021
Updated Flyer Dark Troll
Good evening everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! \m/
Here is the complete updated flyer with all confirmed bands on it, including Totenwache.
Unfortunately we don't know yet if Our Survival Depends On Us will be able to make up their show.
If not, we will find a replacement band.
Keep your ears up and stay healthy!

News Message from 02.05.2021
Totenwache @ Dark Troll
Yes Yes Yes!
At least we got some consolation for the fact that we had to postpone for the second time.
When we had to postpone the festival to 2021, two confirmed bands unfortunately had to cancel because one would have had a gig at the same time and the other in the immediate vicinity shortly after.
In the case of the band where both shows were to take place on the same day, this is no longer the case in 2022, so that the band can play both shows without any problems.

We are happy that Totenwache will be on board again in 2022.

News Message from 25.04.2021
Updated Flyer Dark Troll
Updated Dark Troll flyer with the new date for 2022.
Two replacement bands for Totenwache and Our Survival Depends On Us still to follow.

News Message from 24.04.2021
Update Dark Troll Festival
Now it is official, the Dark Troll Festival has to be postponed again...
We are more than saddened, but the high incidence numbers make it legally impossible to hold an event like the Dark Troll.
In addition, many bands have already had to cancel in advance because they cannot enter Germany, could not rehearse, curfews prevail, etc.

Nevertheless, we do not give up hope and would like to try keeping each planned band for a 2022 edition.
The date is, as every year, on a public national holiday, which next year falls on May 26 - 28.

We wish you a nice weekend.
Stay healthy and let us hope together for 2022!

News Message from 12.03.2021
In schweren Zeiten
Dear fans, and friends of our festivals,
"In Union We Stand" - the much-praised OVERKILL slogan is more relevant today than ever.

The past weeks and months have once again shown how much the metal family stands together. The incredible support you show towards all of our festivals has given us strength and courage in challenging times and continues to do so.

We, the organizers, have also moved closer together and have come together throughout Germany for a regular exchange. We are in the starting blocks to bring our festivals to live in the best possible way, as soon as the opportunity arises. Because the summer of 2021 is not lost yet!

Should there be festival cancellations, we ask you for your solidarity with the affected festivals, because this solidarity is still urgently needed.

A healthy music scene needs a diverse live scene - at the moment this is still the case in Germany. No matter if mainstream or underground, our festival landscape offers the right setting for every band and every fan. This is very important, but the pandemic threatens this diversity heavily.

We as festival organizers stick together and hope for your ongoing support!

Thank you for standing by our side - without you we would be nothing!

A Chance For Metal
Alpen Flair Festival
Amphi Festival
Baden in Blut
Baltic Open Air
Bang Your Head!!!
Boardstream Open Air
Dark Troll Festival
Death Feast Open Air
Dong Open Air
Eventzentrum Strohofer
Fimbul Festival
Full Force
Hardwood Open
Headbangers Open Air
M.I.S.E. Open Air
Metal Bash
Metal Frenzy
Mission Ready Festival
Nord Open Air
Party.San Open Air
Protzen Open Air
Ragnarök Festival
Reload Festival
Rock am Härtsfeldsee
Rock dein Leben
Rock Harz
Ruhrpott Rodeo
Sticky Fingers
Summer Breeze Open Air
Summer Invasion Festival
Trebur Open Air
Turock Open Air
Vainstream Rockfest
Wacken Open Air
Winter Invasion

News Message from 13.12.2020
New Totenwache EP

Straight as hell!
Every bit of positive news in these times is more than welcome.

Our In Fiction Entertainment roster band and absolute Black Metal high-flyers of Totenwache have just released their new EP "Kriegswesen".
The complete EP is now also available on YouTube.
Listen, bang your head off, order it and keep listening in continuous loop.
Once again, absolutely great!

News Message from 06.05.2020
Wir vs Corona
We stopped at the intensive education facility in Groß Schacksdorf. We brought: wraps and crêpes for 20 hungry children and 8 educators, including making them yourself - that's when it tastes best! It was a lot of fun! Drinks sponsored by Dark Troll Festival

News Message from 22.04.2020
Dark Troll Festival 2020 ist verschoben
Dear Metalheads...

...after we all had to wait so long for an official statement from the authorities, it is now official for the Dark Troll Festival. Many of you and also we had almost expected it and still hoped until today, but unfortunately in vain.

The Dark Troll Festival 2020 will not be able to take place this year and will be postponed to May 13th to 15th 2021.

The tickets will of course remain valid for the Dark Troll Festival 2021!

As we have a lot of work to do we ask you to refrain from personal questions and check the FAQ on darktroll-festival.de from time to time. There we will announce all further information and news.

For everything that is not clarified here, please write a short mail to dt2020@darktroll-festival.de!

Next week we will give a statement about the current topic again, we ask for patience.

In this sense, everybody stay healthy! See you!

News Message from 15.03.2020
Sojourner @ Dark Troll
We still plan and hope that the Dark Troll will take place as planned, here the penultimate band.
The band and we have spontaneously decided to celebrate at least the release show of their album "Premonitions", which will be released on May 8th, cause the Zerfall tour had to be cancelled!
The international band with members from New Zealand, Italy, Sweden and Scotland is no longer a blank slate and has already inspired many fans of epic atmospheric Black Metal with both previous albums.
Many concerts and a big European tour followed.
Hopefully we can also do the Zerfall tour next year!

We are really looking forward to hear the whole new Sojourner album live at Dark Troll for the very first time! \m/

News Message from 08.03.2020
Vermilia @ Dark Troll Festival
So after a longer break we are happy to announce band number 25.
Therefore we have a very special treat for you!
The Finnish female artist, who founded her solo-project in 2017, celebrates next to Dark Seal and Cân Bardd their first German concert at Dark Troll Festival!
Her music is a mix of Epic Scandinavian Pagan Metal and sweet, raw and melancholic vocal harmonies with lyrics in her native language.

We hope you are looking as much forward as we do to this mystical performance of Vermilia!

News Message from 02.02.2020
Syn Ze Sase Tri confirmer for Dark Troll
As you know, we are known for one or the other secret tip and exotic band. That is what we did again with Band number 24 for this years line up.
The band from Timisoara was founded in 2007 which released four albums so far and has set itself the goal of becoming the best Symphonic Extreme Metal band in Romania.
This year the fifth Album will see the light of day and like its predecessors it will be about the old Romanian myths and stories.
Also some tours and festivals have been played by the ex-members of Negura Bungets.

We are very much looking forward to Syn Ze Sase Tri! Listen to their songs and tell us what you think of the band \m/

News Message from 26.01.2020
Friday Headliner for Dark Troll
The Friday headliner and therefore band number 23 is finally fixed.
We are happy to welcome one of your most wanted bands for years.
The Dutch masters of Horror Black Metal have been on the up and up since their foundation in 2003 and know how to convince with their scary stories and captivating live shows. Whipping guitars, rough melodies and eerie soundscapes are perfectly interwoven by opulent keyboards and majestic orchestrations.
One demo, one EP and five albums have so far seen the light, or rather the darkness of the world!

After Carach Angren have already captivated all of Europe and America, the cruel stories are finally being told in our beautiful castle.
All this during the eerily beautiful night will surely give you some goosebumps.

News Message from 29.12.2019
Uprising at Dark Troll Festival
Slowly the line-up completes itself.
This is Band number 22.
Although they have not played with us yet, they are no strangers to us, because the solo project, which started in 2014, was brought to life by none other than mastermind "W", known as the singer of Waldgeflüster.
We are very happy that they celebrate their only live show in 2020 at Dark Troll Festival.
An album and a demo have been released so far and they bring a huge load of brute black metal with them.
We are very excited and looking forward to Uprising, we hope you are too!

News Message from 22.12.2019
Our Survival Depends On Us at Dark Troll
Hello Dark Troll fans, we wish you all a happy Yule-Tide with your loved ones! Enjoy it and hopefully relax on a few days off.

Today we are happy to announce band number 21.
They combines the best aspects of the single genres to create an own sound. Mantra- and tribal-like drumming lays the foundation for hypnotically soundscapes created by two 7-strings, accentuated with pitched-black sound samples from the keys and finally hammered through the auditory canals by the pulsating bass.
The conjuring and mourning vocals of three singers guides us through the darkest abysses of the world. A seamless change between acoustic lightness and mighty slow motioned guitar walls evokes emotions of rage, sadness, bitterness, affiliation, love and more.

The band OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US from Salzburg Austria, founded in 1999, has released four albums, a demo and a split CD.

News Message from 08.12.2019
Thrudvangar at Dark Troll Festival
Let us complete the 20..
One headliner and probably six bands will follow!

Also the next band is not unknown.
The meanwhile 18 years old Viking Metal Band from Köthen has released five albums so far and the sixth one, which will be called "Vegvisir", is on its way.
With the new album they are returning to their roots with German lyrics and massive guitars on the one hand, on the other hand they are reinventing themselves with choirs and orchestral arrangements.
With the new album and new songs we are looking forward to our longtime friends from Thrudvangar.

News Message from 01.12.2019
Äera at Dark Troll Festival
Band number 19 will release their debut album "Schein" next week, but we were completely thrilled. Their first album was recorded in the studio by none other than Markus Stock and it combines atmospheric Black Metal with some elements of Post-Black Metal and parts of folk sounding themes.
Their sound is symbolic to the returning of origin habit of human being, and an accuse to estrangement through modern mankind which is only powered by consumption. Further more it is a scream of a disenchanted world, telling the story of pain, fear, desire and loss of mankind and nature.
ÄERA is impulsive, massive, earthly, whispering and unbound!

We are looking forward to it!

News Message from 24.11.2019
Helheim at Dark Troll Festival
The 2020 Line Up is finally of age!
Band Eighteen is not unknown, cause they have been already at the Dark Troll Festival 2016 and impressed us with their more than amazing music and stage presence.
The Viking Black Metal Band from Norway was founded in 1992 and has already released ten albums, two demos and two EPs and played on almost every big stage in Europe.
In the current album "Rignir" they again dedicated themselves to the old stories and legends of the Edda without diluting them.
We are very happy to welcome Helheim again to our castle ruins.

News Message from 17.11.2019
Baumbart at Dark Troll Festival
Band Number Seventeen.
The Band from Oberhausen takes you on an acoustic journey through their own fantasy world "Ellínor". Packed in epic songs, a unique mixture of elements rooted in Folk Metal and acoustic instrumentalisation. Their songs are full of stories, adventures and exciting journeys, which the singer passes on directly to the listeners. Supported by a female voice and the rest of the pack to breathe more life into the songs. Cajon, acoustic guitars, flute, violin, bass and various other instruments such as castanets, jews harp and shaker are also used to create a unique sound. Let them take you into a unknown world and listen to the fantastic melodies of these storytellers.
Baumbart will celebrate their tenth anniversary next year and they are planning the current studio recordings for their upcoming album.

News Message from 10.11.2019
Khors at Dark Troll Festival
How fitting because band number 16 convinced us already in 2016 at the Dark Troll Festival. And not only there, also two weeks ago at our 10 year Best of Dark Troll Show they did it again! We could not resist so we invited them again for 2020 and it makes us more than happy that the Ukrainian Heathen Black Metal band KHORS conquer the castle once again. The band, founded in 2004, has already released six albums and is currently in the process of recording their upcoming album. They told us that we will definitely hear some of their new tracks.

PS: After you already ran down our merchstand two weeks ago, the band promised to bring more merch for 2020!

News Message from 03.11.2019
Wolfchant at Dark Troll Festival
Here is Band Number 15!
After a break of one and a half years and uncertainty if they would return to the stage at all, we are even more happy that our long-time friends of Wolfchant want to celebrate a very special show wat Dark Troll Festival, but more about that later ;).
The Bavarian Band founded in 2003 has released two demos, six albums and is definitely one of the sharpest blades of the German Pagan Metal scene.

News Message from 28.10.2019
Ellende at Dark Troll Festival
Here is Band Number 14.
The European tour is still in full swing, but we want to present you the next band..
They are from Austria to be more exact from Graz.
They have released two EPs and three internationally acclaimed albums to date. Founded in 2011, the band is dedicated to Ambient- and Atmospheric Black Metal and their lyrics mainly deal with topics like existentialism, melancholy, anger and hope.
We can not wait to experience this live power at our castle, what do you think about Ellende?

Here's a song of their third album "Lebensnehmer": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNFrwJtsi9I

News Message from 20.10.2019
Ruadh at Dark Troll Festival
Here is Band number 13.
Slowly the line up fills up.

The following band is still quite unknown, but an insider tip for Atmospheric Folk/Black Metal lovers.
The Scottish band around mastermind Tom Perrett was founded in 2018. The debut album "Sovereign" was released in April this year and we are very happy that they play their first European festival at Dark Troll Festival.

Who of you already knew Ruadh? For whom is the band a new discovery? And are you happy about this confirmation?

News Message from 15.10.2019
Saxorior at 10 Years Best of Dark Troll
With Saxorior we want to complete the line up for our 10 Years Best of Dark Troll Festival Show.
The Band from Saxony, was founded in 1994 and thanks to numerous concert and festival appearances, as well as seven albums, one EP and one compilation they're well know. They will burn the Wiesenhau stage in Eisleben next to Helsott, Khors, Enisum, Finsterforst and Skyforger.
Their eighth studio album, which will be called "Hem", is already in the making and will be a bit harder than the album before.

News Message from 13.10.2019
Black Messiah at Dark Troll Festival
Band number 12 is definitely not unknown. The band, founded in 1992 as Black Metal, has become the spearhead of German Pagan Metal over the years.
The band from Gelsenkirchen looks back on seven albums and three demos and countless live appearances.
Due to the long friendship between band and organizer we are extremely happy that the band plays a special old school show with special attention to the first two albums "Sceptre Of Black Knowledge" and "Oath Of A Warrior".
You really should not miss this exclusive delicacy!
Are you as much looking forward to this special Black Messiah show as we are?

News Message from 06.10.2019
Totenwache at Dark Troll Festival
Repdigit, here is Band Number 11

The Hamburg trio was formed in 2016 by the harmonies and atmosphere of Finnish Black Metal. Since the foundation a demo, a split, a compilation and an album have been released.
Uncompromising and raw they are one of the few bands which keep the Hamburg Black Metal scene alive.

We are absolutely thrilled by the Totenwache debutalbum "Der schwarze Hort" which was released in August and the logo fits more than perfectly to the Dark Troll!

News Message from 29.09.2019
Can Bârdd at Dark Troll Festival
Strike! Here comes band number 10.
You want Atmospheric and Epic melodies with strong Black Metal sections?
Then you are at the right place with this band!
The bands style remembers of Saor and Sojourner and they also celebrate their very first Germany concert at Dark Troll just like the other two bands did.
The Swiss band, which was founded at the end of 2016 by Malo Civelli, has already released two albums.
Do not miss this insider tip called Cân Bardd!

News Message from 18.09.2019
Updated Flyer

News Message from 15.09.2019
Empyrium headlines Dark Troll at Saturday
After four years of working towards it, it finally worked. We are really happy about this mystical and magical combo, which celebrates its first Germany Open Air Festival at Dark Troll!
The band around mastermind Markus Stock Schwadorf, founded in 1994, has released five albums, a demo, a compilation, a live album and an EP so far.
Since its inception, the music has been a leitmotif throughout the bands history, reflecting the love of nature, tragedy and romance.

It is an honour, a great pleasure and a dream come true that Empyrium will be our Saturday headliner.

News Message from 08.09.2019
Grimner at Dark Troll Festival
Now it is getting folky!
The Swedish folk metal band Grimner has since 2008 developed steadily in the folk metal scene. They bring along three great albums and three EPs, a lot of live experience and a great party.
In addition to the usual instruments and keyboards, the bands repertoire also includes various flutes, mandola and bagpipes.

We are looking forward to a huge Folk Metal Party by Grimner \m/

News Message from 01.09.2019
Nocte Obducta at Dark Troll Festival
Here is band number six!

We are happy to welcome the band, which was founded in 1993 and is known for varied Black/Death Metal, enriched with styles such as Psychedelic, Punk, Art Rock and Stoner since the release of the first album "Lethe". The respective expression of the different influences varies greatly depending on which of the twelve previously released albums you pick.
The respective characteristics of the different influences vary greatly on the twelve albums released so far.
This winter, they will record their thirteenth album and surely will be playing new material at the Dark Troll Festival.
That can just be the mighty Nocte Obducta!

News Message from 25.08.2019
Dark Seal @ Dark Troll Festival
You want some more band confirmations?

For all of you who have already been with us in the past, it is no secret that we invite at least one band every year which play for the first time ever in Germany.

We are happy that we could gain this Pagan Black Metal Combo from our beautiful neighbour country Czech Republic for their first appearance in Germany.
Next year they will also celebrate their 10th years anniversary and look back on three albums, whereby the current one was released in February this year and is called "Země našich předků", which means "the land of our ancestors".
At the moment they are working on their next record, which will be released in during the next year.
We hope you enjoy the announcement of DARK SEAL as much as we do \m/

News Message from 21.08.2019
Helsott @ Dark Troll Festival
As some of you may have noticed, a band that has not played yet at the original fest will play at our 10 Years Best of Dark Troll Festival.
That is why this announcement is not a big surprise for some anymore, but it is a special one, because the band takes 9237km to get from Menifee, California to the modest little Bornstedt. The Pagan Metallers were founded in 2010 and will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year. In the meantime, they have become one of the big Pagan Bands in the USA, but are also no longer an unwritten leaf in Europe.
With two EPs and two albums in their repertoire we are happy to welcome Helsott to our castle.

News Message from 11.08.2019
Agrypnie @ Dark Troll Festival
Wow, first of all many thanks to you all for 9000 Facebooklikes!

We want to celebrate this with the next breathtaking band!
The band was founded in 2004 by Torsten as a solo project.
Till now they released six albums, one EP and one demo, which makes them one of the major post black metal bands in Germany.
They will also be in the studio this year in autumn and will probably bring along one or the other new song.
After many played concerts, festivals and tours we are very happy that the band returns to the Dark Troll Festival after 6 years of break.

Who is looking forward to a big load of Agrypnie?

News Message from 04.08.2019
Galar @ Dark Troll Festival
As you all know, we are known for getting one or the other "exotic" band that seldom appears in our realm.
That's exactly what we did with this one. This band was already in Germany, but that was in 2011 and that is in 2020 NINE years ago.

The Black Folk Metal band from Bergen, Norway has released a demo and three amazing albums, while the last one which was released in 2015 is called "De gjenlevende".
In the studio they makes use of an unusual array of instruments including bassoon, grand piano, double bass, cello, viola and violin.

We're looking forward to Galar!

News Message from 21.07.2019
Obscurity @ Dark Troll
As promised and after a long wait we can announce the first band to you.
With 31 votes your favorite and leader among your band wishes.

We are looking forward to welcoming our longtime friends and new partners in the In Fiction Entertainment Booking for Dark Troll Festival 2020.
Onwards into battle!!!
Hammer-forged from the hardest steel of the Bergisch Land, cast in fire, formed upon the anvil of metal, hardened by the water of the Wupper river. A battle axe, so deadly and sharp – made of the same material as the world-famous blades of Solingen...
That can be non other than the men of OBSCURITY.

News Message from 14.05.2019
Nochmal, wir wollen niemanden ärgern, aber wir haben starke Sicherheitsauflagen bekommen, welche auch vom Amt kontrolliert werden.

Da hier so viele Fragen entstehen:
Es gibt nur den einen Parkplatz, bitte haltet euch daran.
Das Shuttle wird pro Fahrt und Person 1€ kosten. Es ist aber auch nicht weit zu laufen querfeldein.

Es gibt noch keine fixen Zeiten vom Shuttle. Wir überlegen eine Hotline einzurichten, aber nachts wird das Shuttle nicht fahren. Nähere Infos folgen.

Das Shuttle fährt zu allen vorhandenen Campingplätzen!

Wohnmobile können weiterhin auf Camp B parken.

Camp B & C sind jederzeit erreichbar.

Zufahrt Camp A ist von Donnerstag 12 Uhr bis Sonntag 6 Uhr gesperrt. Davor und danach ist die Zufahrt wieder geöffnet.

Der Parkplatz wird regelmäßig kontrolliert!

News Message from 14.05.2019
Hier mal der aktualisierte Lageplan:

Aufgrund erhöhter Sicherheitsauflagen:
Geparkt kann ausschließlich unterhalb der Burg auf einem extra für das Dark Troll Festival angelegten Parkplatz (siehe Lageplan). Dort ist das Camping NICHT gestattet.
Bitte seid so gut und benutzt diesen Parkplatz auch und parkt nicht irgendwo im Ort oder den Landstraßen!
Wir weisen darauf hin, dass Fahrzeuge, welche den Rettungsdienst, Feuerwehr sowie Lieferverkehr u.a. behindern, kostenpflichtig abgeschleppt werden!
Bis Donnerstag 12 Uhr ist das Ausladen auf Camping A auf der Burg möglich, ab 12 Uhr bis Sonntag 06:00 Uhr wird die Straße zur Burg voll gesperrt! Wir haben dann für Euch vom Parkplatz bis zum Festival einen Shuttle-Service bereitgestellt, welcher regelmäßig für Euch fahren wird.
Das Parken im Wald ist strengstens verboten!!!

Die Campingplätze öffnen Mittwoch Morgen um 08:00 Uhr!

News Message from 07.04.2019
Running Order
Here as promised the Running Order!
Which bands are you looking forward to?

News Message from 07.04.2019
Final Line Up

Hereby we want to introduce the last band to you and it is also the festival opener.
We have come up with something special for the anniversary and the mens day.

We invite the band from Sangerhausen "Barbarossa Bagpipes & Drums" to heat you up for the rest of this amazing Line Up.
We are really looking forward to all what awaits us on this eventful weekend and are full of anticipation to welcome you all.

News Message from 07.04.2019
Lucifers Child
We are happy to announce one of the final bands! And this is like every band in our line-up again a very special one ;-P!

The band will be performing in Germany for the first time and friends of Rotting Christ will like this special announcement, as George Emmanuel founder of the band is known of his long time at Rotting Christ. The band was founded in Athens in 2013 and has released two albums till now, while the current album was released last year and is called "The Order".
Look forward to a brutal performance of the Progressive Black Metallers Lucifers Child.

News Message from 07.04.2019
So here comes one of the last bands we want to announce for our anniversary show. The young band (founded in 2017) from Thuringia has released till now one EP, but the debut album is pretty near, as it will be released around March / April.
The EP is very promising and we are already looking forward to what the Thuringian band Isgalder will unleash on humanity this spring.
Stylistically, the band represent Pagan-Black Metal, but lyrical you can find also strong references to Pagan Metal.

News Message from 13.01.2019
Here comes the next highlight for the Dark Troll Festival.
We are happy to present you a band that celebrates firstly their first German gig at our festival and secondly is something genre-atypical again. The band which was founded in 2014 that takes the long journey from Lviv, Ukraine, present Death Doom Metal and friends of the old school and fans of Bolt Thrower and Benediction will like this confirmation a lot. 1914 published till now two albums and an EP.

News Message from 06.01.2019
10 Years Best of Dark Troll
Now, it is time!
The big surprise is coming.
Cause of our 10 years anniversary, we want to celebrate a big birthday party with you!
With ' 10 Years Best of Dark Troll Festival ' we want to look back with you on the Fantastic Years and celebrate a great evening!!! Dark Troll stands for the passion for our music!!!

The whole thing should take place on 26.10.2019 at the Wiesenhaus in Eisleben, you can take all the information of the first flyer.
We just want to invite bands who have already played on the Dark Troll. Which bands would you wish for and do you like the flyer?

News Message from 30.12.2018
Despite "sold out" we do not let ourselves get ruffed and bring one or the other more top-class band into the line-up.
The next one will join us for the fourth time next year.
But this time it will be a very special one as they bring their new album and celebrate their release show at Dark Troll Festival!
The In Fiction Entertainment band Finsterforst were founded in 2004 and have been on the road to success ever since. In addition to several festivals and concerts, some European tours were already there. So far, they have released four albums and two EPs, but the fifth album will be released in Spring and will line up stylistically between the last two albums.

News Message from 27.12.2018
We wish you all a great Yule-Time!
Of course, we also want to announce as all past Sundays the next band.
And it is is no stranger to us!
Already in 2016 we were very happy to welcome the French band called HIMINBJORG and so we do it for our 10th years anniversay!
The band was founded in 1996 and released seven albums, two demos and one EP!
They also re-recorded their album "The Golden Age" and released it this year.

News Message from 16.12.2018
One of the few surviving Folk Metal bands from Germany and also a band of our Booking Roster, celebrates its 20th anniversary on our 10th anniversary.
The Thuringian band has released four albums, played several concerts, festivals and tours and we are pleased that they enrich our festival again with their metal show.
That can only be Odroerir!

News Message from 16.12.2018
Sold Out!
Hey guys you are absolutely amazing....

We have to announce that our weekend tickets are already sold out and that a half year in advance.

We have just a few day tickets left at our In Fiction Entertainment Shop.

You are the best and thank you!!!

News Message from 11.12.2018
And here is the next treat. It is getting better and better.
They are celebrating their second appearance in Germany at our old castle ruins, that will be mystical!
The Israeli one-man project, originally from Lithuania, was founded in 2014 and has already released two albums and they are currently working on their third longplayer, scheduled for release in the first half of 2019.
Cheer with us for Romuvos!

News Message from 02.12.2018
Mord A Stigmata
Every year again!
Next to :Nodfyr: here is another band celebrating their first German appearance. The band from Polands steadily growing Black Metal underground scene has already released four albums. The band Mord A Stigmata avoided any stylistic limitations right from the start, so take a look and listen to their latest album "Hope": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuj7nhp5288&t=179s

News Message from 25.11.2018
After a break of two years, the Australian pirates of Lagerstein board the Schweinsburg again and try to take possession of it!
Their amazing show and party at the Dark Troll Festival 2017 has inspired us and the majority of our audience so much that we can not resist inviting them to our anniversary celebration!
Look forward to an energetic show that invites every Viking to join in ;-).

Last chance: We offer at 06th December 7p.m. the last cancelled tickets!

News Message from 18.11.2018
Here is the promised second headliner!
They do not play only the big stages of the world, but next year they are also at our 10th years anniversary!
The two founders M. and Darkside started the project Mg?a in the year 2000.
The Polish-based band has released three albums, three EPs and a split CD till now.
We are very happy that after 3 years it finally worked out to get your and one of our biggest band wishes. What do you say?

News Message from 11.11.2018
Vera Lux
The true light is the music! That is the program of the folk-metal band Vera Lux which was founded in 2013. The seven musicians from Nuremberg have made it their goal to bring their audience energetic songs and rousing live concerts. Drums, guitars and bass are the basis for hard, uncompromising riffs. These are refined by the melodies of various folk instruments, such as violin, bouzuki, bagpipes and hurdy gurdy to multi-faceted earwigs. The voice of frontwoman Inara and powerful backing vocals fit seamlessly into this varied soundscape. This allows the band to convey the messages of their texts that criticize society, encourage them, tell stories or invite them to celebrate the good in the world, to transport them directly to the heart of their listeners.
After several concerts and an Eastern Europe tour in 2018, they are working on their long-awaited debut album next year.
In addition, they are currently working on their first music video which will be released this winter. We will present this later to give you an even better impression of Vera Luxs rousing music.

News Message from 04.11.2018
And here is the next highlight. It will be international again, one of their few Germany appearances in 2019 and their first in this country after two years!
Founded in 2007, the Manchester-based Black Metal band can already look back on six great internationally acclaimed albums. We are looking forward to the great Winterfylleth!

News Message from 28.10.2018
Here is the next band update.

We are pleased to present the latest project from our Dutch friend Joris (Ex Heidevolk / Ex Wedergänger) named Nodfyr.

The band was founded in 2011 and had the idea to make Pagan / Folk Metal with lyrical themes about their home region. The songs are about the history, nature and legends of Gelderland, a region in the Netherlands. And it is their first live performance ever!

News Message from 21.10.2018
Headliner - Kampfar

They are back and celebrate their 25th anniversary! After a long break, KAMPFAR return stronger than ever to the battlefield. Their first Germany battle will be at our Schweinsburg. The time is ripe for a new era!
The Norwegians have released a demo, two EPs and seven albums till now and we are more than happy to have them at our stage.

News Message from 14.10.2018
Sear Bliss
We are really looking forward to finally having them at our festival next year.
The Atmospheric Black Metallers from Hungary have already released eight albums, two demos, two EPs and a live album. For that reason and cause of their amazing music, it was only a matter of time until they come to the Dark Troll! And it fits really perfect that Sear Bliss celebrates its 25th anniversary and we celebrate our 10th anniversary m/

News Message from 07.10.2018
Ten bands have already been confirmed. Now comes band number Eleven and they come from our beautiful neighbor country Austria, to be more precise from Vienna. Founded in 2007, the band has released two albums and a split EP till now. Currently, the band attributed to the Barbaric Metal are working on their third album. The music features elements of Old School Heavy, Thrash and Black Metal.
Tulsadoom revitalize the merciless metal of ages long forgotten, when one could solely trust the riddle of cold steel…

Tomorrow we can finally present to you the updated flyer with every confirmed band ;)

News Message from 30.09.2018
Sun Of The Sleepless
We are happy to announce the next band!

Sun Of The Sleepless is the solo project of Schwadorf (aka Markus Stock), the mastermind behind two of Prophecy Productions most popular acts, Empyrium and The Vision Bleak. The band creates poetic black metal dirges that twist with cold, raw atmospheres.
13 years after the last sign of life, Sun Of The Sleepless now rises from the tomb and delivers an amazing album with new material! On "To the Elements" Schwadorf creates pieces full of charisma and atmosphere. He builds on the foundations of previous releases of SoTS, but gives the matter a whole new level of intensity and inner glow. The album, described by its creator as "a punch in the face of a shallow world", contains icy Black Metal with fateful aura, where poetic lyrics are inspired by the great romantic poets of the last centuries provide the only hint of warmth.

News Message from 23.09.2018
Of course we also have some more Pagan and Folk Metal Bands to reveal.
That is exactly what the next band is playing.
In fact, they are one of the first bands in Ireland dedicated to this genre.
The sextet was founded in 1993 and they released two demos and four albums till now.
The band is currently in the studio and plans to release their fifth longplayer in February.
Of course, we are talking about the veterans of Waylander!

News Message from 09.09.2018
Heute haben wir gleich zwei großartige Neuigkeiten.

Zum einen gibt es die nächste Band für unser Jubiläum. Zum anderen schließt sich die Band auch unserem Booking Roster von In Fiction Entertainment an. Bei Bookinganfragen schickt uns doch eine private Nachricht über facebook oder eine E-Mail an Today we have two great news.

First, there is the next band for our anniversary. On the other hand, the band also joins our booking roster of In Fiction Entertainment. If you are interested to book them send us a private message via facebook or an e-mail to tmoor@in-fiction.eu.

Black Metal – Emotional, Profound, Nature-Bound…
The Bavarian band was founded in 2005 and has released four albums, a demo and a split CD so far. All the recordings have received great reviews, after a lot of played club shows, festivals and tours it was just a matter of time till they come to Dark Troll.

I hope you are as happy as we are about Waldgeflüster!

News Message from 26.08.2018
Ad Cinerem
Today we announce band number seven and surprisingly it is just the second band, which comes from Germany. More precisely, they come from the Dresden area. The Black / Doom Metal Band was founded in 2014 and they released a demo and an album called "Shadows of Doubt".
The bands shows are characterized by a unique blend of sinister Black Metal and the fragile melancholy of Doom Metal. Spherical guitar riffs merged with vigorous and haunting vocals unleash a musical landscape which describes ones journey into the pale depths of the human self.
We are happy to announce Ad Cinerem!

News Message from 14.08.2018
Updated Flyer

News Message from 12.08.2018
Sol Sistere
Hey dark trolls,
we are happy to announce band number six!
There is much to say, for example that the band does not come from Europe but from South America. More precisely from the Chilean capital Santiago. That means all six announced bands come from another country.
In addition, most people probably know our tradition of having at least one band each year that plays in Germany for the first time, because that is exactly what this band does.
Their music is a mixture of powerful yet melancholic melodies full of emotion, which brings together the sound of the classics of the genre with the vibe of modern innovators to create an atmosphere capable of moving the toughest metal enthusiasts. The 2013 founded band release one EP and an album called "Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum" till now.
Hope you will enjoy Sol Sistere as much as we do!

News Message from 29.07.2018
And the next highlight!

The band was founded in 2006 and comes from our beautiful neighboring country Poland!
Till now, a demo, an EP and an album called "Twilight of Blood and Flesh" have been released. After several played concerts and festivals all over Europe, they are presenting their new album, which will be released autumn 2018.
Look forward to Polands "Amon Amarth" Valkenrag!

News Message from 02.07.2018
Flyer Update

News Message from 01.07.2018
The third band joining our anniversary show is not unknown to us, after all, they played their first German gig and their second live show ever at Dark Troll in 2015!
Since then the band has been raising to the top and they play concerts all over Europe, so we are happy to welcome them back to us.
They have released three albums till now, which you can watch in full on their YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2gMOs54LhkwD8XHW3GcaA
Most people will probably already know which band we are talking about, it is none other than the mighty Caledonian Metal band Saor!

Here is a song from their current album "Guardians": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjAb3GXHWdI

News Message from 18.06.2018
Hey Dark Troll Family,

you had to wait long time, but we are working hard on the anniversary show :).
For this reason we would like to present you band number 2 in the line up.
You have ask for this band several times in the past years next year they finally come and conquer the Schweinsburg. With this swedish sextet it becomes much more folky and also some ancient instruments find their place in the music. The band Fejd was founded in 2001 and they have released four albums till now, while the current one is appropriately called "Trolldom!

News Message from 31.05.2018
Dark Troll 2019
People you are crazy!
What was that for a great Dark Troll Festival?!
The most beautiful festival in the world! The best fans in the world! The best crew in the world!
Absolutely cool bands and great performances!
Sold out in all areas. Odin gave us pure sunshine despite bad weather forecasts.
Many familiar faces, but also some new ones every year it feels like a big family reunion where everyone enjoys the time together.
Thank you to everyone who was involved into this amazing fest!
We hope you are all as happy as we are m/.
What did you like and what should we do better next year?

Everyone who joined us this year have probably already seen it in our program. Next year: 10th years anniversary! New design! First highlight! The Atmospheric Black Metal band Enisum comes back to the castle and they bring a new album with them. We are looking forward to it.
Keep an eye at our homepage and facebook page for more surprises and highlights.

News Message from 31.05.2018
Hi Guys…

Unfortunately, it took a little bit longer this year, but now our ticket presale for the Dark Troll Festival 2019 starts on Thursday at 7p.m! Many preparations and discussions had to be conducted because we were not completely satisfied with our organization this year.

Since the Dark Troll Festival 2019 is now in its tenth round, we also have a big birthday to celebrate, and will serve some very special musical delights in 2019.

However, there are also some bad news:
First, we can not keep the price of the last years for a 3-day-festival anymore and therefore have to high-up the ticket prices, because we were presented with enormous extra costs this year and we will definitely need to solve the situations of toilets, garbage and parking in the coming year. In addition, a few bands will be added to the anniversary which will blow up the frame financially.

The other worse (or good) news is that we will not be offering box office for the coming year. But there are daily tickets at our shop valid on the day they are redeemed.

Well, what else should we say? We are very grateful to you all, you made something special of this festival and now we just want to strengthen the Dark Troll Festival and let it stand out from the mass of other festivals and in the next years as THE insider tip, are considered as the "most beautiful festival in the world" ....

For now, tickets will only be available directly in our shop shop.in-fiction.eu and via Nuclear Blast. The presale of Ticketsscript does not exist anymore and we are in negotiation with Eventim.

Best regards,


If you would like to get some Festival Merch of the last few years, you should take the chance. Until July, we will give up to 50% off all Dark Troll Festival accessories.

Your Dark Troll Team

News Message from 07.05.2018
Hi Leute :)

da jetzt viele Fragen zum Thema Schwerbehinderung aufkamen hier ein paar Punkte:

Menschen mit Behinderung und einen gültigen Ausweis >50% können kostenfrei nahe der Burg gegenüber Campingplatz A parken ... Bitte dies bezgl. bei den dortigen Ordnern melden und den Ausweis dann sichtbar in der Frontscheibe positionieren!

Eine Begleitperson kann dann auch kostenfrei auf das Festival.

News Message from 08.04.2018

Dear guests,
We point out that parking in the forest or the forest paths is strictly forbidden. We ask you to use the parking spaces provided by us in the municipality of Bornstedt.
Escape routes for vehicles of the fire brigade, ambulance and ambulance must be kept free. If this is not guaranteed, we must immediately and at the expense of the causer to tow the obstructing vehicles!
The same applies to the direct access roads to the festival area (castle) and the VIP area!

From this year we have got a third campsite C, which makes the whole thing a little more relaxed and a little more comfortable for everyone.
For those who have a ticket for campsite A, you can exchange it at any campsite. Guests with the Camping B or C - Ticket, can only choose campsite B or C optional. A return exchange or refund is generally not possible!
Breakfast for the guests of camp A will be served from 8:30 am to 11:30 am directly at the sport club. For campers of places B and C, breakfast will be available as well at the gym (camping B).
Motorhomes and caravans can only be parked on campsite B and here it should be noted that one ticket per head is needed.
Tickets from previous years are not valid!

Open fire is strictly forbidden!!! Here we appeal to the reason of all and to the consequences that an open fire can have. Please do not be angry with us, if we have to crack down on infringement here. But the responsibility, if something should happen, nobody wants to tie up...

News Message from 02.04.2018
Running Order

News Message from 25.03.2018
Camp C
Hey everyone, we have good news for you.
After much back and forth we could organize together with the city of Bornstedt a third campsite (Camp C) for you! So everyone who is still without camping ticket should find a place now.

You can buy the ticket at our In Fiction Entertainment Shop.

News Message from 25.03.2018
It is done!
Today we can confirm the last band and it is a very special one!

The international band with members from New Zealand, Sweden and Italy was founded in 2015. Two incredible great albums have been released so far, the current one is called "The Shadowed Road" and was released just ten days ago. Their atmospheric Black Metal with big folk influences is strongly influenced by the homeland New Zealand where the two founding members Mike & Chloe come from.
We are so happy that Sojourner are celebrating their first Germany appearance and second gig ever!

News Message from 13.03.2018
Also this year there will be a limited contingent of daily tickets!

News Message from 08.03.2018
We want to introduce you to a Pagan Metal combo that will play this year.

The Bavarian Pagan Metal combo Mornir was found in 2011.
Musically they combine elements of pagan, folk, death and black metal, without limiting themselves to a particular subgenre.
At the beginning of 2013 they released their first demo and in May 2015 their first EP was released under the title "Entfesselt".

News Message from 05.03.2018
We are working hard on the final preparations, but we would like to introduce to you another Black Metal combo that will play this year.

The band come from Saxony and was founded in 2009 and it is the Black Metal combo Apathie.
In 2010, the demo "Heimat: Einoede" was released, followed by the first longplayer "Trugbilder Einer Erinnerung", which was released in 2012.
The chosen path of excessive black metal was continued more aggressively and intensively than before.
The current manifesto "Incendium Excitare" was released at the end of 2015 and praises a sinister symbiosis of raw, cold and atmospheric elements.

News Message from 12.02.2018
Sold out!
Thank you to everyone for a third time in a row sold out!

News Message from 17.01.2018
Flyer Update

News Message from 14.01.2018
Slowly the line up completes and today we continue with band number 24 in our line up.
The Swiss band is active since the year 2000 and presented their melodic death metal on more than 200 gigs. They have released four albums and two demos in that time and the fifth album will be released this spring.
We look forward to Soulline!

News Message from 14.01.2018
Today we can confirm what has already proven itself over the last three years. The dynamic duo of Waldtraene will open the festival for the 4th time in a row. We just can not imagine a better opener and we hope you see it the same way m/.

News Message from 31.12.2017
There are a few bands left before the line up is complete.
Todays band is already active since 1999 and currently enjoys a lot of attention in the black metal scene cause of their aggressive music and captivating performance full of brutality and despair. The band from Malta has released four albums till now and is called MartYriuM!

News Message from 25.12.2017
Updated Flyer

News Message from 24.12.2017
*Drum roll*
We hope you have a great time with your family and your beloved ones, but now it os finally time and we do not want to torture you any longer and present the headliner for 2018!

Unmistakable thanks to their unique style and the truly extraordinary voice of front woman Masha. The lyrics are about old Slavic stories, myths, legends and are mainly written in Russian and Slavic!
The Moscow band was founded in 2002 and has released eight albums and two live albums till now, meanwhile the ninth one called "Khram" is coming soon and will be released on January 19th. Toured all over the world, it was only a matter of time until they finally come to the Dark Troll Festival (except Black Troll ;-P).
We are looking forward to Arkona.

News Message from 17.12.2017
Odroerir Special Acoustic Show
There is no new band today, but we can announce a special show.
Odroerir will play their acoustic set for the very first time at a festival!

News Message from 10.12.2017
As we already said last week, today there is a decent portion of Black Metal and an extremely rare performance!
We do not want to lose so many words. Founded in 1993, the Finnish band, then known under a different name, has already released nine albums, several splits, EPs and live albums and is an absolute live beast!
The lyrics are mostly about Satanism, paganism, occultism, evil and darkness. Their name means "abyss" or "hell".
We are really looking forward to Horna!

News Message from 03.12.2017
Shade Empire
Today we reveal another Death Metal Band, but this time it is a bit more melodic!
Do not worry there will be some Black Metal next week ;).
The six Finns founded the band in 1999 and released three demos and five albums, while the last one was released in June of this year and is called "Poetry of the Ill-Minded".
After many European tours, they finally visit our old castle ruin!
Welcome Shade Empire!

News Message from 26.11.2017
Today we can present to you another highlight who has accompanied us since our youth.
Since the 90s, they conquer the stages of the world with their brutal Death Metal. Tours around the world, charts in their homeland Denmark, soundtrack of a classic movie and thirteen albums speak for themselves!
Look forward to one of the best live death metal bands Illdisposed!

News Message from 20.11.2017
Flyer Update

News Message from 19.11.2017
What should we write about the next band? They are a fix part of the German pagan scene for almost 18 years.
They can not be assigned to a typical metal genre. It is a musically experimental mix of the most diverse areas of metal with influences from classical music, folk and coupled with a lot of melody.
An atmospheric composition through the vocals, which completes the overall picture with overwhelming clean passages in alternation with aggressive growls. You simply can not compare them to any other band because they have a completely different style that does not yet exist in this form.
After a longer break after the last album „Weltenbrand – Die Banner hoch der Nacht entgegen" they are back in full swing for the next album.
We are very glad that Gernotshagen enriches us again!

News Message from 12.11.2017
WEDERGANGER from the Dutch province of Gelderland stands for Undeath Metal dealing with the darker sides of local folklore and Germanic mythology.
Formed in 2013 by entities who draw strong inspiration from the gloomy history of their region, Wederganger ("Revenant") consists of a core of three founding members and several session members. Lyrics are inspired by Indo-European eschatology and Gueldrian tales dealing with spirits, undeath and horror. Wedergangers musical style can be described as traditional black metal interwoven with dissonance, and is characterized by the use of both screams and chants. The atmosphere during live manifestations ranges from meditative to possessed.

News Message from 05.11.2017
XIV Dark Centuries
We can confirm another In Fiction Entertainment Roster Band for the Dark Troll Festival!
After some line-up changes and longer break they come back with the original line-up from the year 2003 where they also released their first album.
At the moment they are working on their fourth album and will surely be able to present one or the other surprise for us.
They come from the beautiful Thuringia and their last album is called "Gizit dar Faida".
Welcome the Pagan ancestors of XIV Dark Centuries!

News Message from 29.10.2017
Do you like Finland?
Yes? We also do, that is why we thought to invite a second finnish band next to Havukruunu.

The band was founded in 2007 in the beautiful city of Helsinki and was already internationally known for their unique style and amazing two albums. After a short break from 2015 to 2016, they made a great "comeback" with a new record label, booking label and a new album called "Amain", which brought them even more attention.
Their style is difficult to describe in words. They describe it as this: "We have always had some hard time coming up with good descriptions or genre definitions. It is definitely symphonic and visual, music of extreme contrasts, soundtrack for feats epic and deeds whispered in shadows. Combining beauty with brutality. Lot of layers but always with a destination."
We are very happy about: Crimfall!

News Message from 28.10.2017
Flyer Update

News Message from 28.10.2017
The next band has already been twice to us, and has planned something very special for next year. They will present their long-awaited second album at the Dark Troll!
Since 2010 they deliver their own mix of extreme metal genres and atmospheric sounds. After numerous European concerts, the band from Southern Germany was able to make a name in the scene and convinced live through their intense shows. Their music has its roots in Black Metal, which is refined with atmospheric and progressive elements, as well as orchestral accents.
After playing big shows like Summer Breeze and Metaldays, they will celebrate their album release show in 2018 at Dark Troll, which will make this Show very special! It is non other than the mighty Firtan!

News Message from 15.10.2017
We are looking forward to reveal the next band at the same time as always!

The band comes from the far north, from a country which was never represented at Dark Troll. In addition to Havukruunu, this band also celebrates their first appearance in Germany - they have rarely been on the European mainland. Do not miss it!
Back to the band. They founded in 2010 in the fantastic Reykjavik. Four albums were released during this time, while the current one, "The Four Doors of the Mind", was released this April. Dynfari will put us into another world with their wonderful Atmospheric Black Metal!

News Message from 08.10.2017
What fits better for Dark Troll Festival than a horde of instrument playing trolls? Right, not much! That is why we are very pleased to welcome the in 2011 founded Band Trollort. The band from the french part of Switzerland has released two albums and a demo so far.

News Message from 01.10.2017
Flyer Update

News Message from 01.10.2017
German Black Metal as its best!
They was founded in 2003, with the vision of creating extreme Black Metal. The band describes their style as Furious Black Metal.
In that time they have released three albums, two splits and two demos.
With their second album, "NOCEBO", the band received an overwhelming response from the press and the ever-growing horde of fans. "NOCEBO" surprised most critics because of their extreme and fast sound. It is followed by many concerts, festivals and tours through Europe.
In 2016, they released their current album "URERE", which was once again very popular with national and international critics. With "URERE" they have been able to perfect their extreme style between Black and Death Metal.
Its none other than KRATER from Saxony!

News Message from 24.09.2017
2018 ist es soweit die Letten rund um Skyforger erobern endlich die Schweinsburg.
Die schon seit 22 Jahren aktive Band hat insgesamt 6 Alben veröffentlicht, wobei das letzte names "Senpr?sija /Old Prussia" im Jahr 2015 veröffentlicht wurde The Latvian Band Skyforger will conquer finally the Schweinsburg in 2018.
The band, which is already active since 22 years, has released a 6 albums, the last name "Senpr?sija / Old Prussia" was released in 2015 and promoted by numerous international concerts and festivals.
So it was only a matter of time before they come and conquer the castle ruin!

News Message from 17.09.2017
As most of you know, we book every year at least one band, who celebrate their first gig in Germany ever!
For example, 2013 Lux Divina (ES), 2014 Caladmor (CH), 2014 Celtachor (IRL), 2014 Falloch (UK), 2015 Saor (UK), 2015 Kauan (UA), 2016 Cnoc An Tursa (UK), 2016 Himinbjorg (FR), 2016 Khors (UA), 2017 Balfor (UA) and 2017 Raventale (UA).

This is also planned for 2018, so we have book the Finnish Pagan Black Metal band Havukruunu for an exclusive Germany gig! Two demos, one EP and two albums have been released till now and were rated highly by the press and fans.

News Message from 10.09.2017
Was erklingt in Herz und Verstand - Bergischer Hammer... Bergisches Land!

Yes, it is true, it is damn true! The Bergisch Lions Obscurity are coming again in 2018 to destroy the stage for the third time in Dark Troll history.

News Message from 27.08.2017
The Committee
Because of the time delay this year and the premature end of the show by The Committee they could not give their entire show to their best. Classics like "Man of Steel" and "Katherines Chant" could unfortunately not be played.
For this reason, we are not lazy and want to offer you a show without shortening in 2018 and have booked them again!

News Message from 06.08.2017
We are very happy to announce one of the highlights for next years edition of Dark Troll. Ereb Altor will burn the stage with a special 70-minute Bathory Show!!!
The secret heirs of Bathory have published seven albums since their founding in 2003.

News Message from 30.07.2017
We looking forward after a short summer break to present another band to you.
After 10 years they are finally back in East Germany and that with their very first open air show!
It is the one-man project of Nerrath, which was founded in Paderborn (North-Rhine-Westphalia) in 2007. 7 albums have been released till now, while the current one was released in January of this year and is called "Turm am Hang".
It is none other than Horn!

News Message from 28.05.2017
Danksagung und erste Bands
After the festival is before the festival!

But first of all many thanks to all the people who were involved. Thanks to the best crew in the world, who once again ensured such a smooth process and found solutions so quickly even in sometimes difficult situations. Thank you to all the great bands, which heated all of us up and provided the right atmosphere.Thanks to Security, who once again did a great job. Thanks to the Ambulance men an women, who have take care of the minor or major bruises. Thanks to the mayor and the residents of Bornstedt, who make all this possible. Thanks to all photographers and the press for the great pictures and articles. And of course, thank you to all the fans who have made sure that we were completely sold out, made this festival once again unforgettable and give us the chance that we can continue next year at the same time and the same place with the 9th edition of the Dark Troll Festival!

And the first new flyer!

News Message from 20.04.2017
Running Order
Just around one month till the biggest party of the year. That is why we thought you would like to see the Running Order.
What do you think about it?

News Message from 09.04.2017
We are looking forward to announce the final band that completes our line up.
It do not need many words, because they have already heated us up in 2015.
We are looking forward to the Cologne Pagan Metallers of Jörmungand, which will present a completely new live show and some new songs from their upcoming album.

News Message from 06.04.2017
As promised today we reveal the second last band of our line up.
It is the latest project of Mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen, which he founded in the year 2013. They have release three albums till now and the latest album "Tyhjyys" just came out one month ago. We are very happy to announce WOLFHEART as one of the replacements of XIV Dark Centuries.

So what do you say? m/

News Message from 05.04.2017
Sold Out!
Dark Troll festival is officially sold out!
It will give a little contingent of daily tickets.

XIV Dark Centuries had to cancel their appearance due personal reasons.
We already work at the replacement.

News Message from 12.03.2017
Campground B
Good evening Metalheads! There are still a few tickets left at Nuclear Blast and Ticketscript!
And not only that, because the campsite is limited, we want to offer you from now on campingtickets for a second campground. You can find them in the In Fiction shop. It is not far away in the village of Bornstedt below the castle and it also has its own showers!

News Message from 29.01.2017
Listen to us dear trolls!
There are some pirates who travel from far away to conquer our castle!
They probably heard of our liquid gold and now they want to take it.
Help us prevent this! But there are just a few tickets left to participate in this battle. Whoever wants to defend the castle with us should be fast!
We have got some more information about these pirates.
They travel from faraway Brisbane (Australia) on their ship, the S.S. Plunderberg. They already released two well-acclaimed albums, while the latest one is called "All for Rum & Rum for All".
The crew is seven man strong and their name is: Lagerstein

What do you think?... Can we defend our castle against them?
Or will pirates and trolls get on well and come together for a barbaric booze-up?

News Message from 16.01.2017
Flyer Update

News Message from 15.01.2017
We are already very excited about the new project of Alboîn and Abarus from Eïs. They are currently in the studio to record their debut album, which will have the same name as the band itself. Then in April it will be released via our friends of Einheit Produktionen.
Listen and marvel at the mix between Black Metal and classical music, which will be presented by Ferndal.

News Message from 08.01.2017
We are looking forward to announce another band.
It is a very young band from the area of Munich, which definitely can convince with a huge portion of Pagan Metal. They are founded in 2009 and published their debut album "Die Lichtung" in 2012. They are currently working on their upcoming album, which makes them very busy. That is why we are really happy that they will play one of their few shows in 2017 at Dark Troll Festival.
We hope you are as much happy as we are about the announcement of Knaat!

News Message from 03.01.2017
Dark Troll Night Tickets
Many of you had already ask for it and now they are finally arrived. The tickets for the legendary Dark Troll Pre-Event are available at our In Fiction Shop!

News Message from 01.01.2017
We hope you all had a great start into the new year.
Now it is not so long anymore until the 8th edition of Dark Troll finally begin. The line up is nearly complete but, today we want to present to you another band from our In Fiction Entertainment Roster!

After a devastated lineup change, they are now complete again and stronger than ever! From 2005 to 2010 known under another name (3 albums were released during this time), they have released after renaming in 2010 four incredible albums! The latest album of the Northrhine Westfalian band has been released at the end of 2015 and is called "Bannstein".
We are looking forward to present to you Eïs!
Prepare you for an explosive show - let us hope that the stage still stands after it ;-P

News Message from 25.12.2016
Merry Christmas all together!
We also have a Christmas present for you!
We are so delighted that they will open the Dark Troll spectacle, also because they will bring a new album with them, in which we can once again dive into the wonderful pagan song art which they present in an absolutely magnificent way.
This unique duo from the Harz has already proof the last two years which great atmosphere they can provide and that they are simply perfect for open a festival like ours! We had no other chance than invite Waldtraene again!

News Message from 18.12.2016
We still got some great bands to announce for the upcoming Dark Troll Festival!
We want to confirm the next one right now.
With 22 years of musical career, this band from North Rhine-Westphalia definitely belong to the great veterans and co-founders of the German celtic metal scene. The gigs all over the world as well as 12 amazing and well-acclaimed albums say it all... That is why it was only a matter of time before we can finally welcome them to the Dark Troll Festival.
Mighty SuidAkrA confirmed!

News Message from 15.12.2016
Ad Cinerem
We are very happy to confirm another band for our Dark Troll Night in Berlin and Dresden!
The 2014 founded Black / Doom Metal project has released its first longplayer "Shadows of Doubt" this year.
Please welcome Ad Cinerem from Dresden!

News Message from 11.12.2016
Vike Tare
We are very happy to announce the next band. After 10 years of break from the live shows, they are back on stage for the first time and they will celebrate it at our wonderful castle!

They come from the beautiful North sea, more precisely from Wilhelmshaven. Their origin is also reflected in the lyrics, which are still quite unique. This definitely makes them a very special pagan black metal band.

They were founded in 2003. During this time, they have released one demo, two studio albums, one live album and two split CDs. We are talking about the northmen of Vike Tare!

News Message from 08.12.2016
Flyer update

News Message from 04.12.2016
We have a special band for you today. Based in Texas, USA, the band was founded in 1989. They went through changes in their name and since 2007, the band has been active with the current name. Their style can be mostly categorized as black/thrash metal.
We are very happy to have a band coming from the overseas!
Six albums, several compilations and split CDs were released during the time. The current album is called "Abzu".
It is none other than the mighty Absu!

News Message from 27.11.2016
We are always happy to present some great international bands, which you do not see so often in Germany. We definitely want to keep that tradition, so we would like to introduce to you another top Ukrainian band:
Till now the Barbaric Black Metal combo from Kiev released two albums, but just a few details are missing until then on the 15th January 2017 the third album "Black Serpent Rising" can be released!
After two big tours and some festival appearances, we are very happy to bring BALFOR finally back to Germany.

News Message from 21.11.2016
Warm Up
We are very pleased to announce another firework!
Everyone who follow us during the last years know that around one month before Dark Troll Festival we celebrate a big pre-event the so called Dark Troll Night. Also in 2017 we want to continue with it. We hope to see many of you guys there!
Here the flyer including both dates and the first three confirmed bands! We would be happy if you would share the flyer and tell your friends about it!

News Message from 21.11.2016
Countless Skies confirmed
It is always like a birthday; just even nicer. We can announce another great band. Just like Raventale, they will celebrate their Germany debut at Dark Troll Festival as well. They are already looking forward to it and also we can not wait for the band. Based in the UK, their debut album "New Dawn" is hit like a bomb and they are already being compared with the great "Insomnium". It is none other than Countless Skies. What do you think? Any parallels there?

News Message from 13.11.2016
Belenos confirmed!
We are very happy to reveal another international highlight for Dark Troll Festival 2017!
They come from Brittany (celtic region of western France) and was formed as one-man-band by Loïc CELLIER in 1995. Influenced by the early Black metal scene, the music of them always, was and remains a mix of Black metal (fast and dark) and Pagan metal (dark and slow parts with choirs). Do not expect heavy / folk touches!
After 3 demo tapes and 6 studio albums (last one is called "Kornog") they are proud to finally be back in Germany for the second time (first time was our magnificent Fimbul Festival 2012).
It is none other than the mighty Belenos (the Celtic god of the sun)!

News Message from 06.11.2016
Bucovina confirmed
Same time, same place. It is time again that we present to you the next top-class band. This band is a real jewel, because it will be their first gig after Wacken 2011 in Germany. One of the most prestigious bands of their home country Romania. The mixture of folk, heavy and black metal creates a unique sound that we are already looking forward it.
In 2000 this band was founded in Ia?i and released till now three full-lenght studio albums. The current album is named "Nestr?mutat". At the moment they are working on the fourth album; it is the mighty Bucovina!

News Message from 30.10.2016
Flyer update

News Message from 30.10.2016
Flyer update

News Message from 30.10.2016
Nargaroth confirmed!
We are very happy to present you another highlight for the Dark Troll Festival 2017!
Since already 20 years they have been traveling all over the world and during all this time they released six studio albums, two live albums, several EPs and various other releases, which make them definitely a true black metal scene size.
The current album is called "Jahreszeiten".
Probably it is already clear to everyone. It is non other than the mighty Nargaroth!

News Message from 23.10.2016
Waldschrat confirmed!
After one year break, we are glad to present to you finally again a band of our neighbor country Austria.
A well known band which many of you have wished for, we are very happy to announce the Black Metal / Neofolk Combo Waldschrat.
The work on the second album "Metropolis wird fallen", which they will proudly present at Dark Troll Festival is in full swing and we are looking forward very much to it.

News Message from 16.10.2016
Hate confirmed!
We are glad to let free the next beast!
It does not need so many words, because this band is a true greatness! 26 unbelievable years ago this band was founded under the name "Infected" in Warsaw (PL). Just a year later, they renamed themselves and carry this name till today! Nine studio albums were released during this time, while the current one is called "Crusade: Zero". At the moment they are recording their 10th album under the name "Tremendum".
We are very happy to present you HATE!

News Message from 09.10.2016
Thorondir confirmed
Today we serve to you Pagan Metal as its finest with its typical growls, spiced with a good pinch of folk metal, which can be found in both singing and instrumental. Therefore the harmonious folk sounds of the keyboard fits perfectly to the rest.
Next year, the band will celebrate their 10th anniversary. Currently they are in the studio to record their third album.
We are looking forward to non other than THORONDIR from Bavaria!

News Message from 04.10.2016
Flyer Update
Her the updated flyer

News Message from 04.10.2016
Månegarm confirmed
We are very pleased to confirm for the Dark Troll 2017 one of the big Pagan/Viking Metal Pioneers. It was just a matter of time until they come and conquer the old castle ruin. *drumroll* it is none other than the mighty Månegarm!
The Swedish Band is founded in 1995 and have released 8 full-length albums during that time, the current one is called "Månegarm".
During this year the first 6 albums were re-released, that is why they will come to us with a great 80 minutes set and some "special songs"!

News Message from 29.09.2016
Unfortunately we have some bad news. The band UNLIGHT will not be able to play the Dark Troll 2017 edition, due to a scheduling conflict. Anyway they will participate at the 2018 edition.
As a small compensation we want to present to you this sunday the first headliner of 2017!
Stay tuned

News Message from 25.09.2016
Minas Morgul confirmed!
After so many positive comments of our last week confirmation band Raventale, we now want to continue at the national level. We do not need to think long time for know which national scene size since the Dark Troll Festival exist is still missing at our line up: So we are glad to welcome Minas Morgul to the 2017 line up.
The band was founded back in 1997. They come from Frankfurt Oder and have published 5 albums so far, the current one is called "Ära". The band has a fix place in the German pagan black metal scene that is why it was just a question of time till the offical announcement.

News Message from 18.09.2016
Raventale confirmed!
Good evening trolls,

although some of you named several bands on facebook the correct one was not mentioned by anyone. In our opinion this band is a real gem and that is why more of you should know this band. So we are glad to confirm Raventale from Ukraine for their first Germany concert!
Seven albums have been released since the founding in 2005.
The latest album is called "Dark Substance of Dharma"

News Message from 11.09.2016
Vargrimm confirmed!
We are happy to reveal to you Vargrimm!

Vargrimm was founded by Kleini (guitar, clean vocals), Kai (shouting), Pascal (drums) and Patrick (former guitarist) in January 2008. Christopher as bassist joined the band in May 2008.
All members used to play in other bands before.
In October 2008 they recorded promo versions of three songs which helped them to find a record label.
Their debut album "Des Wolfes Zorn" was recorded from January to April 2010 and was finally released in July. Afterwards they played various concerts in whole Germany. In October 2013 Patrick left the band and Christopher took over Patricks part as guitarist.
Being only four they began recording their second album "Vom Wolf unter Schafen" in January 2014. This album was released in May 2014 and they were also lucky to find a new bassist, Paul. Complete again, they restarted playing diverse concerts.
Currently they are writing songs for the third album.

News Message from 11.09.2016
Vargrimm confirmed!
We are happy to reveal to you Vargrimm!

Vargrimm was founded by Kleini (guitar, clean vocals), Kai (shouting), Pascal (drums) and Patrick (former guitarist) in January 2008. Christopher as bassist joined the band in May 2008.
All members used to play in other bands before.
In October 2008 they recorded promo versions of three songs which helped them to find a record label. They decided in favour of Asatru Klangwerke with whom they concluded a contract for two albums.
Their debut album "Des Wolfes Zorn" was recorded from January to April 2010 and was finally released in July. Afterwards they played various concerts in whole Germany. In October 2013 Patrick left the band and Christopher took over Patricks part as guitarist.
Being only four they began recording their second album "Vom Wolf unter Schafen" in January 2014. This album was released in May 2014 and they were also lucky to find a new bassist, Paul. Complete again, they restarted playing diverse concerts.
Currently they are writing songs for the third album.

News Message from 08.09.2016
Enisum confirmed!
We are very happy to announce Enisum!
Enisum was born as one man band and founded by Lys in 2006. It is the first Arpitanian black metal band from Valle di Susa e Val di Lanzo lands. The projects name comes from Musinè mountain in Val di Susa. After some self released and demo productions Enisum became a band in 2014 with insert of Leynir (Bass), Dead Soul (Drum) and Epheliin (Female voice). Enisum music talks about land- scapes, cohabitation between man and nature and depression, pain, melancholy.
During this time they released 4 albums, while the actual one is called "Arpitanian Lands".

News Message from 10.07.2016
Newest confirmation!
We can not stand anymore the fact that we had already announced two pagan bands but only one from the Black Metal genre, so we thought that should be changed fast.

We are very pleased to welcome another band of our Fiction Entertainment roster for play at the Dark Troll Festival.
Next year this band will celebrate their 20th anniversary, during this time they have published 6 albums. Their current album is "The Katalyst of the catharsis". Currently they are working hard on their seventh album.
*Drumroll* UNLIGHT will disassemble the stage in their items!!!

News Message from 29.06.2016
XIV Dark Centuries!!!
We are very pleased to welcome the Thuringian XIV Dark Centuries, but that is not all, they will enter the castle ruin with a record release show. Finally after 6 years of long waiting and soon 19 years of band history they planned to release their fourth longplayer!

News Message from 13.05.2016
VVK startet / presale starts
The presale officaly starts now! Who wants to be part of Dark Troll 2017 should preorder their ticket at our In Fiction Entertainment Shop before it is sold out like this year!

News Message from 08.05.2016
Wow, we are speechless!
We must thank so many people.Thanks to all the fans for made this festival for the first time ever sold out! Thanks to the best crew and technicans you can wish for! Thanks to the major and the Heimat- and Sportverein Bornstedt! Thanks to all the bands which gave us one eargasm and goosebumps after the other with their music! Thanks to all the photographers and press which did so many great pictures and videos! Thank you to all the traders and the germanic Reenactment-group!

We hope to see all of you guys next year again. Here is the official event for the next edition.
25.05.2017 - 27.05.2017
And also the announcement of the first two bands: Wolfchant and The Committee.
Please spread the word

News Message from 17.04.2016
Tagestickets - Box Office
Good evening all together!

We had many requests if we will offer daily tickets. Now one week after the presale is end we had enough time to see and check the results.

We have mention it often and now it is become true. The weekend tickets are sold out! We just can offer you daily tickets.

Prices for the daily tickets:

Thursday: 15,- Euro
Friday: 25,- Euro
Saturday 30,- Euro

Campingtickets will be offered as long as there will be space at the campground.

News Message from 24.03.2016
Surprise Act!
Because of the great reactions of last year we decided to book again the musicduo Waldtraene for open the Dark Troll on thursday. We gurantee to you goosebumps on mass.
They also will play several new songs.

News Message from 25.02.2016
Saxorior confirmed
Like we have promised we would like to present to you the next/last band for our Dark Troll Festival. We also would like to show you the final Flyer of Dark Troll and with the hope you share it with all your friends.

The band come from Pirna, Saxony and was founded in 1994. Seven albums are released till now - the last in september 2015. Its name is "Saksen" and the band have rocked totally our last Dark Metal Night. Thats why we decided to book them also for Dark Troll Festival to heat you up at our castle!
We hope that you guys are as happy as we are about Saxorior!

News Message from 22.02.2016
Stiriah confirmed!
During the last days we have receive many requests if our line up is already complete. Although we think that our line up till now makes every Pagan and Black Metal heart beats faster we will announce other two bands.
The first one we reveal now the second will be revealed on thursday.

For the fans of Black Metal here is another band from Berlin/Dresden: Stiriah
A still young but upcoming band that you should not miss!

News Message from 11.01.2016
Wrack Confirmed
We wish you all a happy and healthy new year and hope to welcome many of you soon at our castle ruin!

Of course we also would like to give you a little band update.
The band was founded in 2005 and they come from the Ruhrgebiet. Black Metal is the motto here and their first and only album so far is called "Gram und gleißende Wut".
We look forward to Wrack!

Updated flyer below!!!

News Message from 27.12.2015
Helheim confirmed!
Good evening dear Trolls,

for end good this year we would like present to you another international band!
The band is active since 1992 and they are considered as founders of Norwegian Viking/Black Metal.
Within this time they have released eight albums, the last is called "raunijaR".

We are glad to confirm Helheim for Dark Troll Festival 2016!

News Message from 23.12.2015
Finsterforst Special Show confirmed!
We wish you all a nice yule tide and want to suprise you with another top-class Act as a early gift!
Besides Thrudvangar and Firtan a third band of our In Fiction roster will join the spectacle. They were already part of this years Dark Troll Festival edition, many of you repeatedly ask for them and also we do not want to miss the chance to bring them back. They will perfom a special show and they present for the first time ever new songs of their upcoming EP (release anywhen 2016)!

The great Finsterforst return on our stage!!!

News Message from 20.12.2015
LUX DIVINA Record-Release Show confirmed!
WOW already 3,5 years ago that this band played to us.
It was the very first band that made its german debut at our Dark Troll Festival. Since then, we have made it as a tradition to book every year bands for their first german live performance ever.

Do you already know who it is?
Ok, here are a few more details:
They founded the band in 1998. After a short break between 2004 and 2007, they have returned with a new cast. Their music style includes Black, Doom and Pagan Metal. Their music and lyrics are very close to nature, mysticism and paganism. They released two full-lenght albums so far and they come from Barcelona (Spain).
For who still have not any idea about it, we give you some help.

We are very pleased to announce to you that our friends from LUX DIVINA come back to Dark Troll Festival after three long years!
And not only that, they will celebrate to us a record release show of their 3rd album which will come out 2016!!!

News Message from 13.12.2015
Khors confirmed!!!
Sunday - 19 o clock it is time again!

As some of you yesterday may have noticed, we have spared no effort and required a third band for their first-ever appearance in Germany.

Next to Cnoc An Tursa and Himinbjorg a Ukrainian band joins the lineup, which in our opinion deserve a lot to be seen!
They founded the band in 2004 and released 6 albums within this time!
They call their music "Heathen Dark Metal", you can recognize influences of Black but also of Pagan into it.
The first 4 albums are in english, but with the last two albums they decided to produce it in their wonderful native language.

We are glad to introduce you the band Khors!

News Message from 10.12.2015
Firtan confirmed!
We present to you another band from our In Fiction Entertainment roster which will play on the Dark Troll 2016 edition.
The band was already in 2014 at Dark Troll. They come from Baden-Württemberg (South Germany) and they was founded in the year 2010. An EP and an album was released so far. They played several festivals and concerts nationally and internationally.
We are looking forward to Firtan!

News Message from 06.12.2015
Moonsorrow as headliner confirmed!

The band will celebrate in 2016 their 21st anniversary, they come from Helsinki (Finland) and have released 6 albums so far.

Their music have many influences which goes from folk to progressive, this combined with brutal metal and their finnish mother tongue lyrics is the best description for it.

They have toured through many countries around the world and now finally they come to us and our castleruin!
We are glad to announce Moonsorrow!!!
The band will bring a 90-minutes headlining show on Saturday and will make quake the old walls of the "Schweinsburg".

News Message from 29.11.2015
Heimdalls Wacht confirmed
Today we are happy to announce to you Heimdalls Wacht.
The Pagan Black Metal band from the beautiful Münsterland (North-Rhine-Westphalia) is active since 2004 and has released six albums in this time.
Their latest album "Ut de dawned olle Tied - Deel Twee (Land der Nebel)" was published this year in October.

The imagination that with darkess they bring the old castle ruins to tremble, produce goosebumps to us and we hope will be the same for you!

News Message from 22.11.2015
Wolves Den confirmed
The next band was wished by many of you and we are happy to have the chance to announce them now.
They come from Bavaria and their music fits the most in the Black Metal genre.
The band was founded in 2014 and their debut album "Deus Vult" was published in April this year. Within this relatively short time, the band gains fast a lot of fame thanks to frontman Helge Stang (Ex-Equilibrium, later Arafel).
For the most of you it is no mystery anymore - Wolves Den will heat the castle up!

News Message from 15.11.2015
Himinbjorg confirmed
We are glad to announce the next international act!
Next to Cnoc An Tursa, this will be the second band who celebrate their german debut: HIMINBJORG!
The band comes from Chambéry (France) and is active since 1996. As long as they are active they have released 7 albums.
The current album have been released this year and is called "Wryd", and they have also signed a contract with Osmose Production.

News Message from 12.11.2015
After a tremendous portion of Death Metal, we present to you another Black Metal act!
We are happy to announce BlutEck from the wonderful Thuringia.
The band was founded in 1997 and will release in the upcoming December their debut album under a new fomartion, which title is "Pest, Tod und Teufel".
Unfortunately there are till now no songs available online and when the band will reveal it, we will post the link on our Facebook page.

News Message from 08.11.2015
Killing Spree confirmed
Today we want to present to you the next band for Dark Troll Festival.
This year for the first time we had a the Death Metal Band Agonize, for the next year edition we want to show up again with another Death Metal Combination.
We are happy to annouce the six-member Band Killing Spree from Spremberg (and vicinity). Under this name they are founded since 2001, but the roots of the band date back to 1990!

News Message from 25.10.2015
Fen confirmed
Bleakness. Reflection. Rage. Sorrow.

These words capture the essence of Fen, band from London.
Founded in 2006 they have released within this time 4 full-length albums.
The bands name comes from a region in England called "The Fens". The Fens have very flat and mysterious landscapes, with many marshes and wetlands. The band members grew up in this area, and find much of the inspiration for their music and themes from the atmosphere of this region.
They have been the last time in Germany in the year 2010, while they supported Negura Bunget at their tour and 2013 as support of Agalloch. Now they are finally back to us!

News Message from 22.10.2015
Dvalin Confirmed!
2016 finally again at our castle.
We are glad to introduce to you Dvalin, which will present to us their Progressive Pagan/Folk Metal.
Dvalin comes from Würzburg and announced just a week ago their deal with Noise Art Records.
You can preorder their debutalbum "Aus dem Schatten" from today on!

PS: Sunday we will reveal the next international Act - Atmospheric Black Metal. Also the updated Flyer we will reveal Sunday.

News Message from 15.10.2015
Cnoc an Tursa for first german gig ever confirmed!
As the most of you know, we have made since the first Dark Troll Festival a tradition to book some bands for their first concert ever in Germany.

So in 2013 we were able to book Lux divina (ES), in 2014 caladmor (CH), celtachor (IRL) and falloch (UK) and at the end in 2015 with Saor (UK) and Kauan (UA).

Of course we want to continue this tradition and so for the edition of 2016 we are glad to announce you the first german concert of Cnoc an Tursa.
Black/Folk Metal from the beautiful Scotland.
First album was relased 2013, the second is at this moment in production.

PS: More premiere(s) will follow ;-)

News Message from 11.10.2015
Graveworm confirmed
We want to introduce to you the first international band!
From the beautiful Südtirol, we are glad to announce the great band Graveworm.
In the year 2016 they will be active since 24 years and released within this time nine full-lenght albums.

News Message from 09.10.2015
Kosmopyria confirmed
Also Kosmopyria from Coburg will be part of the line up in the Dark Troll 2016 edition!

PS: Sunday it will be a special reveal and the updated flyer!

News Message from 04.10.2015
Strydegor confirmed!
We want to introduce to you Strydegor from Schwerin, Germany.

News Message from 13.09.2015
Obscurity confirmed
We would like to present to you after a lot of you wish for the next band: Obscurity
Bergischer Hammer, bergisches Land!

News Message from 02.09.2015
Erste Bands für das Dark Troll 2016 / First Bands for Dark Troll 2016
Again thanks to everyone who showed up this year edition and make it to the hell of a party it was!
This year was the first time where it was that full. We search for new solutions!

And we want to present you the first three bands:




In the middle of this month the next band will be revealed.

You can already order your tickets in our In Fiction Entertainment Shop. Be fast. The tickets and especially the campingtickets are rare

News Message from 22.04.2015
Dark Troll Infomation
Hi Leute,

nun ist es nicht mehr lange hin bis zum "schönsten Festival der Welt" 2015.

Unser Ticketlimit für dieses Jahr sieht erstmals in der Geschichte des Dark Troll Festivals ein Ende und könnte eventuell noch ein Sold-Out 2015 bedeuten...

Der Vorverkauf endet offiziell am 3.05.2015 --- Also Karten jetzt noch sichern!!!

Selbstverständlich werden wir auch im diesen Jahr, Tickets für die Abendkasse vorhalten.

Aktuelle Abendkassenpreise:

Wochenendticket: 50,-
Donnerstag-Ticket: 15,-
Freitag-Ticket: 25,-
Samstag-Ticket 30,-

Der Zeltplatz ist offiziell ab Donnerstag früh um 8:00 geöffnet und Camping-Tickets sind direkt am Campingplatz noch erhätlich.

Na dann gibt es nur noch zu hoffen, dass das Wetter für das "schönste Festival der Welt" mitspielt und wir allesamt ein unvergessliches Metal-Event erleben...

In diesem Sinne
Euer Dark Troll Team

News Message from 20.04.2015
Running Order
Hier die Running Order die es dann auch beim Einlass als Flyer geben wird!

News Message from 02.04.2015
Waldträne confirmed

News Message from 12.03.2015
Dark Troll Night
Das solltet ihr nicht verpassen!!!

News Message from 26.02.2015
Party Time

News Message from 23.01.2015
Saxnot confirmed

News Message from 23.12.2014
Bifröst confirmed

News Message from 18.12.2014
Kauan confirmed

News Message from 11.12.2014
Rabenwolf confirmed

News Message from 03.12.2014
Saor confirmed

News Message from 27.11.2014
Agonize confirmed

News Message from 20.11.2014
Imperium Dekadenz confirmed

News Message from 18.11.2014
Vargsheim confirmed

News Message from 13.11.2014
Thyrfing confirmed
We are more than happy to confirm the headliner for Dark Troll 2015: Thyrfing.
That is not all though. Thyrfing will play a very special 80 min long special 20th anniversary set. The ones who will miss this show are to blame .

The name Thyrfing comes from a magical sword from the Nordic mythology. The Swedish band has released seven albums
so far and they keep impressing the fanbase with their unique style, which is a mixture of viking and black metal.
The lyrics, which are mostly in Swedish (some of the songs are also in english), are perfect for headbanging but also great for those who crave that scandinavian tranquility.

You can look forward to an intense show of a more than worthy headliner

News Message from 06.11.2014
Aktarum confirmed

News Message from 30.10.2014
Gernotshagen confirmed

News Message from 28.10.2014
KAHLD confirmed

News Message from 23.10.2014
Eis confirmed

News Message from 21.10.2014
Jörmungand confirmed

News Message from 09.10.2014
Thormesis confirmed

News Message from 08.10.2014

News Message from 02.10.2014
Negator confirmed

News Message from 18.09.2014
Munarheim and Fyrnreich confirmed

News Message from 04.09.2014
Finsterforst confirmed

News Message from 01.08.2014
Creature und Craving confirmed

News Message from 26.05.2014
Abendkasse und Camping
Da nun jetzt schon einige Fragen bzgl. der Abendkasse und des Campings kamen.

Es wird definitiv ein Abendkasse geben und auch lassen wir keinen von Euch wieder nach Hause fahren.

Auch Tagestickets wir es dieses Jahr wieder geben.

also denn... bis Donnerstag ;)

News Message from 30.04.2014
Running Order für Dark Troll 2014

News Message from 17.04.2014
Memento mori
Liebe Dark Troll Gemeinde!

Wie Ihr sicherlich schon erfahren habt, ist unser Mitveranstalter des Dark Trolls und sehr guter Freund unserseits, plötzlich von uns gegangen!
Wir würden ihm gern die Ehre erweisen, dass dieses Dark Troll unvergesslich für jeden einzelnen von uns wird.
Deshalb bitten wir euch im Vorab, um Nachhaltigkeit, wenn einige Dinge nicht so laufen wie sie es sollen, da wir uns "neustrukturieren" müssen.
Uns ist bekannt - gerade was vielleicht die Organisation angeht - dass das vorige Jahr nicht (bei einigen oder mehreren) zur vollsten Zufriedenheit geschah! Dies wollten wir - unabhängig von dem zutiefst traurigen Ereignis - so oder so, ändern.

Kai war mit Herzblut dabei!!

Und das sind wir auch & damit das Dark Troll weiter bestehen und für jeden unvergesslich bleibt, brauchen wir EUCH! Also Shaka!! Lasst uns feiern & die Tage zusammen mit abgefahrener Mugge genießen!! Lasst uns im Hier & Jetzt sein!
Es kann so schnell gehen! Zeigen wir es - der nichtmateriellen Welt - was es heißt zu leben!

Auf Kai... Du wirst immer an unserer Seite stehen!!

Herzlichst, euer Dark Troll Team!

News Message from 03.04.2014

News Message from 29.03.2014
Germanitas our opener
GERMANITAS is a German Pagan/Black Metal Band from Saxony-Anhalt formed in 2011. The name is of Latin derivation and means “brotherhood”. GERMANITAS is currently made up of five members. The music is a mixture of melodic Pagan sounds and gloomy Black Metal elements. The lyrics are exclusively German and deal with the topics nature, history and Germanic mythology, which are carried out in clean and guttural singing. The Band self-financed and published its first demo “Uz Heimisk Waldatura” in 2012.

News Message from 27.03.2014
!!!!!!!!! Gute Nachrichten, schlechte Nachrichten !!!!!!!!!
fangen wir mit der schlechten an:
In den letzten 2 Wochen mussten wir uns leider damit beschäftigen, dass der Sportverein die euch ihren Fussballplatz als Campingwiese überlassen mehr Geld wollen, viiiieeeel mehr Geld.
Das uns das als Veranstalter völlig überrascht hat, könnt ihr sicher vorstellen.

Nach langem Hin-und Hergerede und Verhandlungen sind wir zu dem Schluss gekommen, dass wir das Campingticket ab heute um 2€ erhöhen müssen, und ich sag euch, die 2€ war nur die Kompromisslösung ;-). Von daher, verzeihts uns, aber leider hatten wir keinen großen Einfluss darauf. Bei denjenigen, die ihr Campingticket bereits haben, bleibt alles beim alten, das zahlen wir uns unserer Kasse nach.
zu den guten Nachrichten:
Wir versuchen ja immer auf eure Wünsche einzugehen so gut es geht. das heißt, als kleine Entschudigung werden wir euch morgen eine weitere, regionale Band vorstellen, die das Festival eröffnen werden. Seid gespannt.

Euer Dark Troll Team

News Message from 23.03.2014
Harakiri for the sky confirmed
Wir danken für allen Bands und Dark Troll Fans für ihre Bewerbungen und Vorschläge, aber unsere Suche ist nun beendet.

Ich freu mich wahnsinnig auf die Jungs von:

Ende 2011 von M.S. (u.a. Bifröst) ins Leben gerufen entwickelte sich Harakiri for the Sky innerhalb kürzester Zeit vom reinen Studio-Nebenprojekt zu einem der vielversprechendsten Live-Acts der Europäischen Post-Black Metal Szene. Das am 21. April erscheinende Album "Aokigahara" bietet neben dem gewohnt kreativen und eigenständigen Songmaterial auch den ein oder anderen Gastauftritt bekannter Freunde der Band welche bei Gelegenheit zukünftig auch live dargeboten werden und so manch intensiver Show noch mehr Würze verliehen werden wird!

News Message from 19.03.2014
Strydegor canceled
werte Dark Troll Freunde,
leider haben wir euch zu verkünden, dass Strydegor ihren Auftritt aus zeitorganisatorischen Gründen nicht machen können. Daher werden wir diesen Slot für euch neu belegen und hoffen diesen gebührend ersetzen zu können.

Wir wünschen Strydegor daher viel Erfolg bei ihren kommenden Auftritten, vielleicht seht ihr sie ja dort und vielleicht passt es ja ein andern mal auf´m Dark Troll.

sooooo, wer sich als Band für diese Position angesprochen fühlt, soll uns schreiben, wir nehmen auch Vorschläge von euch als Fans an und dann würde ich mal sagen, wir freuen uns euch schnellstmöglich eine neue Band präsentieren zu dürfen.

Dark Troll Team sagt erstmal tschüßn
und bis später

News Message from 09.03.2014
Door Prices:

Festival Ticket 40,- €
Thursday Ticket 10,- €
Friday Ticket 23,- €
Saturday Ticket 23,- €

News Message from 28.02.2014
DARK TROLL Flyer 2014

News Message from 12.02.2014
Heidevolk confirmed
Heidevolk ist eine niederländische Metal-Band, die sich durch ihren klaren, zweistimmigen Männergesang auszeichnet. Ihre Liedtexte sind ausschließlich in niederländischer Sprache verfasst und behandeln hauptsächlich die Geschichte und Kultur der niederländischen Provinz Gelderland, sowie die germanische Mythologie. Die Musik Heidevolks wird vor allem durch melodische Gitarrenläufe und den gelegentlichen Einsätzen von Flöte und Maultrommel dominiert.

News Message from 12.01.2014
DER WEG EINER FREIHEIT wurden mit der Veröffentlichung ihres in Eigenregie produziertem s/t Debüt-Albums im Februar 2009 von Nikita und Tobias geboren. Sie werden von einschlägigen Magazinen, wie dem METAL HAMMER bereits als größter deutscher Hoffnungsträger seiner Zunft zelebriert.

News Message from 27.12.2013
Eden weint im Grab confirmed
Eden Weint Im Grab haben sich mit ihren bisherigen 5 Alben als eigenständige Band mit ernsthaftem künstlerischem Anspruch etabliert, die Gothic, Dark/Black Metal, Doom, Jahrmarktsmusik und Hörspielelemente vereint und musikalisch wie textlich Geschichten aus einer geheimnisvollen Zwischenwelt erzählt.

News Message from 19.12.2013
Zwar ist auch in deren Heimatort Berlin keine Sau dieser Sprache mächtig, aber das macht ja nix: Kultasiipi spielen trotzdem Folk Metal mit finnischen Texten und Elementen alter finnischer Volkslieder.

News Message from 19.12.2013
CELTACHOR confirmed
Celtachor is a Blackened Folk Metal band from Ireland. Born in 2007, it became a full working band in 2010, melding the influences of black/doom/folk metal together in one combined force. The band sees themselves as the narrators of Irish Mythology. The band’s main goal is to showcase their own vision of those stories, playing the music with passion and from the heart. The band just released their first album in November 2012. Celtachor has shared the stage with the likes of: Skyforger, Primordial, Heidevolk, Suidakra, Cruachan, Wolfchant, Alestorm, Mael Mordha, Waylander, Thurisaz, Nothgard, Darkest Era.

News Message from 15.12.2013
AGRYPNIE confirmed
haben bestätigt auf dem Dark Troll zu spielen. was gibt es da viel zu sagen? sie sind die beste und erfolgreichste Post Black Metal Band Deutschlands. bääääämmmm. die Aussage reicht um sich ein Ticket zu sicher.

News Message from 12.12.2013
CALADMOR confirmed
CALADMOR is born from the band Pale which was founded in 2001. The meaning of the name – dark light – is a significant paradox marking the music of Caladmor: Epic tunes creating epic wideness, thundering guitar riffs and stirring melodies meet the vocals of Babs and drummer Maede, leading the listener on a philosophical path through the land of myths from exhilarating heights down to the edge of an abyss.

News Message from 08.12.2013
Fjoergyn confirmed
Nahe vier Jahre sind vergangen seit FJOERGYN mit ihrem letzten Release Jahreszeiten ihre 2005 begonnene Trilogie abgeschlossen haben. Sei es mit Ernte im Herbst, Sade et Masoch oder eben genannten Jahreszeiten, Fjoergyn arbeiteten sich vom einstigen Geheimtipp begeisterter Musikliebhaber zur avantgardistischen Ausnahmeerscheinung der deutschen Metal-Szene empor und versuchen jenen Rang nun mit ihrem vierten Opus auszuweiten.

Basierend auf einer Kurzgeschichte, vertonen Fjoergyn mit Monument Ende die letzten Stunden der Menschheit. Sie entführen den Hörer auf eine dem Abschied zugewandte Reise durch die Abgründe der menschlichen Geschichte. Hierbei agieren sie weniger mit erhobenem Zeigefinger, als vielmehr mit aufkommenden Fragekonstrukten, die der geneigte Hörer für sich selbst zu beantworten hat. Lohnt es sich sie zu verschonen nach allem, was die Zeit gebracht? Fjoergyn vertonen das letzte Kapitel unserer Geschichte und nehmen dem Auditorium gleichsam die Entscheidung ihres Protagonisten ab. Allem voran führt genau er, das lyrische Ich, durch eine nahezu leblose Stadt, die in den letzten Wehen der Existenz um Erlösung fleht. Die Authentizität der Texte malte sich nie zuvor eindrucksvoller in Dargebotenem dieser Ausnahmeband ab. Keine Floskeln, keine Klischees! Fjoergyn verarbeiten die gesellschaftlichen Irrwege der modernen Gesellschaft ohne etwas zu beschönigen. Monument Ende erstrahlt als Konstrukt aus tiefer Kritik und überzeugter Ablehnung unserer scheinbar privilegierten Gesellschaft, die das Leid einzelner Menschen, gar Völker in sicherem Abstand zum Brennpunkt vom heimischen Sofa aus bewertet, bevor sie Kopf schüttelnd in der nächsten Werbung versinkt.

Die Symbiose aus Metal und klassischer Musik, die Fjoergyn eigentlich erst berühmt machte, erstrahlt hierbei in absoluter Perfektion. Klassische Orchestration, beeindruckende Chor-Arrangements und schwere Gitarren-Riffs reichen sich die Hände, als seien sie stets Teil von einander gewesen. Fjoergyn definieren ihren eigenen 64minütigen Bombast, der gerade durch seine Langlebigkeit besticht. Kontrovers diskutiert und offenarmig empfangen – FJOERGYN sind zurück.

Erstmals hierfür holen sich die Thüringer Gast-Stimmen bekannter Musiker ins Studio. Die berühmte Sängerin Katrin Lindner leiht dem Tod auf Monument Ende ihre Stimme. Daneben erklingen Alexander Bartsch (Narziss) und Inkantator Koura (Alchemyst / Kult of Hiob), die mit ihren Ausnahmestimmen dieses große Werk abrunden.

Monument Ende ist die Antwort auf den Verfall der Menschlichkeit im 21. Jahrhundert - Ein Pflichtkauf für jeden denkenden Menschen.

News Message from 05.12.2013
BUCHONIA confirmed
The music of Buchonia can be described as blackened-pagan-metal. This is a combination of melodic pagan metal and a touch of black metal which riddled with profound lyrics represents the unique sound of Buchonia.

News Message from 01.12.2013

News Message from 24.11.2013
CRAVING confirmed

News Message from 18.11.2013
Falloch confirmed
Based in Glasgow, the duo known as Falloch are a growing glimmer on the shoegazer black metal horizon. Andy Marshall and Scott McLean came together with the desire to create music that conveys atmosphere and emotion utilizing an expansive backdrop of styles and sounds. Metal, post-rock, folk, with minimalist composers Yann Tiersen, and Arvo Pärt all factor in to the inspirations that drive the songs contained on Where Distant Spirits Remain.

News Message from 11.11.2013
BIFRÖST confirmed
Nach rund drei Jahren schöpferischer Pause melden sich Bifröst mit ihrem aktuellen Werk "Tor in eine neue Welt" zurück. Das Album umfasst insgesamt dreizehn Titel mit einer wahrhaft epischen Spielzeit von einer Stunde und zwölf Minuten. "Tor in eine neue Welt" ist vollgepackt mit Stücken, die vor Eingängigkeit und Wiedererkennnungswert nur so strotzen, unterschiedlicher nicht sein könnten und auch lyrisch auf Klischees verzichtend zu überzeugen wissen. Qualitätstechnisch braucht sich das Werk vor internationalen Größen nicht zu verstecken, was unter Anderem auch dem hervorragenden Mastering von Krystian König zu verdanken ist. Dem Hörer wird also ein abwechslungsreicher, langanhaltender Hörgenuss geboten, der auch live zu überzeugen weiß. Dies ist nicht zuletzt auf einige strukturelle Änderungen innerhalb der Band zurückzuführen, wurden abgesehen von Ragnar (Selbstentleibung, Flammensturm) an den Vocals auch Schlagzeug und Rhythmusgitarre neu besetzt. In dieser neu erstarkten Formation sind Bifröst rund um Bandgründer und Songwriter Matthias S. nun also zurück und bereit das Bollwerk Metal in seinen Grundfesten erzittern zu lassen. Mit "Tor in eine neue Welt" gelingt der fünfköpfigen Kombo dies auf alle Fälle und so setzt dieses Werk einen absoluten Meilenstein in der Bandgeschichte.

News Message from 03.11.2013
ABROGATION confirmed
Seit Mitte der Neunziger sind ABROGATION aktiv und die Magdeburger können bereits auf vier erfolgreiche Alben zurückschauen! Ein Metal-Album ganz in deutscher Sprache zu veröffentlichen, war damals schon eine Sensation und die Band landete auf dem ROCK HARD-“Unerhört”-Sampler. ABROGATION vertonte bereits Texte von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe und konnte auch damit gehörig Staub aufwirbeln, was sich unter anderem in zahlreichen hervorragenden Reviews und größeren Features zeigte (11/12 Punkte im Heavy, Oder Was!?) oder (08/10 Punkte im Rock Hard/Götz Kühnemund). Zum aktuellen Album “tief schwarz blutig rot” wurden die Schlagzeugaufnahmen in einer historischen Kirche aufgenommen und in den Pflantz Studios einer zeitgemäßigen Produktion unterzogen. Auch jetzt glänzen ABROGATION wieder mit einem originellen Mix aus Mittelalter Metal und melodischem Todesstahl sowie Thrash-, Speed- und sogar Heavy Metal-Passagen, mit dem sie ein großes Publikum ansprechen. Textlich sind ABROGATION ihrem originellen Stil treu geblieben: So ranken sich historische Ereignisse zur Heimatstadt Magdeburg um aktuelle Themen - Ancient Melodic Metal mit deutschen Texten, der den Geist der Zeit trifft und ein breites Publikum anspricht!

News Message from 03.11.2013
Delirium confirmed
da wir ja erst 6 von insgesamt 22 Bands veröffentlicht haben, gehts auch gleich mal weiter, und ich möchte es betonen, mit der `mittelfränkischen´ Pagan Metal Band DELIRIUM. www.facebook.com/DeliriumFranken Die Band entwickelte ihren eigenen Stil, in dem man viele Spielarten des Metals ineinander vereint und mit Texten über die Heimat oder heidnische sowie Mythologische Themen versieht. Die Band bezeichnet ihren Stil als “Frankonian Pagan Metal”


News Message from 29.10.2013
Es gibt naturmystischen Folk Black Metal, harsche Momente der Raserei, stille Ambient- und Folklore Passagen sowie epische Erhabenheit. Wer sich angesprochen fühlt von naturverbundenem Black Metal à la Wolves In The Throne Room, Burzum oder frühen In The Woods… oder Bands wie Agalloch, Vintersorg oder Moonsorrow mag,----> AETHERNAEUM www.facebook.com/pages/Aethernaeum/403469173078538?ref=ts&fref=ts <-----vereinen alle.

News Message from 23.10.2013
Ahnengrab confirmed
die neueste Band-Bestätigung auf unserem Festival ist AHNENGRAB. wer sie noch nicht kennt, darf sich auf was gefasst machen. :-)

News Message from 19.09.2013
STORMLORD confirmed

With a career spanning over 20 years, four full-length albums released so far and hundreds of live gigs performed worldwide, Stormlord is one of Italy’s most celebrated extreme metal bands .The style of the band, classified as Extreme Epic Metal, blends influences from black metal, death metal, mediterranean folk music and symphonic music, creating an unique and recognizable sound supported by legions of loyal fans since 1991.

News Message from 25.08.2013
Neue Bandbestätigungen
FIRTAN confirmed

News Message from 01.07.2013
Neue Bandbestätigungen
and today we will confirmed two new bands for the dark roll festival 2014

the first one:


News Message from 30.06.2013
and as second band today


News Message from 30.06.2013
Erste Bandbestätigung für das Dark Troll Festival 2014
the first confirmed band for Dark Troll Festival 2014


Do you know more? ;)

News Message from 31.05.2013
Dark Troll Festival 2013 - Zeitraffer

News Message from 16.05.2013
Das Dark Troll 2013 ist nun Geschichte...
und die erschütterten Mauern der Schweinsburg können sich etwas legen.

Wir möchten uns bei allen bedanken, bei allen Bands, bei allen Gästen und bei allen Bornstedtern die uns das ermöglicht haben.

Einen speziellen Dank gilt unserer CREW, ihr wart, seid und werdet immer die Besten sein. Ohne euch geht´s einfach nicht.
Dank auch an unsere Security. Ihr habt wie immer einen guten Job gemacht.

Und weil´s so schön war und wir es auch kaum erwarten können bis es wieder heisst:

DARK TROLL FESTIVAL - The most beautiful festival of the world!!!

wollen wir gleich an dem anknüpfen wo wir aufgehört haben.

Wir werden genau HEUTE wieder mit dem TICKET-VORVERKAUF für´s nächste Jahr beginnen und euch einen Frühbucherrabatt von satten 15% bis zum 30. Juni 2013 gewähren.
Ebenfalls werden wir euch die ersten Bands in den nächsten Wochen präsentieren.

Also seid gespannt, es wird gut und ich denke wir sehen uns alle im nächsten Jahr wieder.

Raise the horns

Das In-Fiction Team

News Message from 25.04.2013
So ...

Der Vorverkauf für das Dark Troll Festival läuft noch bis zum 28.4.2013
Also.. Die Möglichkeit Tickets zu kaufen besteht ;)

Es wird auch eine Abendkasse geben.

Wochenend-Ticket 40,- Euro
Samstag-Ticket 30,- Euro
Freitag-Ticket 27,- Euro
Camping-Ticket 10,- Euro inkl. 5,- Euro Müllpfand

Solltet Ihr schon Donnerstag anreisen wollen... Dann herzlich willkommen!!! Der Campingplatz ist ab Donnerstag geöffnet und auch werden wir schon das eine oder andere Fässchen Bier anstechen und zusammen ein bisschen Höllenfahrt feiern.

Viele Fragen sind aufgekommen zum Thema parken...

Nein, leider kann man nicht mit dem Auto zum Zelt fahren und muss dieses unterhalb der Burg auf einen Parkplatz abstellen.
Genießen wir einfach Metal, Natur und das schönste Festivalgelände der Welt ohne Fahrzeuge:)

Also denn bis in 2 Wochen!!!

Solltet Ihr noch Fragen haben, bitte ich einfach eine Mail an info@darktroll-festival.de zu schreiben. Wir werden die Antworten dann auf unserer Website unter FAQ beantworten. So können auch noch andere an der Antwort teilhaben.

Vielen Dank

News Message from 04.04.2013
Hi .... So nun sind es noch 5 Wochen bis zum Dark Troll Festival 2013 - die Zeit vergeht immer schneller...

!!! Der offizielle Vorverkauf endet am 23.04.2013 !!!

Ob es dann auch eine Abendkasse geben wird und wie hoch der Preis für die Abendkasse ist, geben wir am 24.4 auf unserer Homepage www.darktroll-festival.de bekannt.

Wir sind mittlerweile in vollem Zuge der Organisierung und hoffen auch dieses Jahr wieder ein unvergessliches Event mit Euch feiern zu können.

In diesem Sinne - Hoch die Hörner!!!!
Bis bald
Euer Dark Troll Team

News Message from 05.03.2013
So Leute

Nachdem schon viele von Euch bei uns nachgefragt haben, wann denn der Campingplatz eröffnet ist... geben wir nun kund
Der Camping Platz ist für uns offiziell ab Freitag eröffnet. Dennoch könnt Ihr auch gerne schon ab Donnerstag anreisen und auch schon campen!

Da am Donnertag Himmelfahrt ist, wir der ortsansässige Heimatverein auch ein wenig auf der Burg feiern und das eine oder andere Bierchen ausschenken, wo Ihr sicherlich herzlich willkommen seid.
Also dann lasst uns ein schönes Pagan-Event feiern.
Die Tickets sind streng limitiert, da wir auf der Burg sowie Campingplatz nur beschränkt Platz haben.
Also dann, wie sehen uns zu den schönsten Festival der Welt ;)

Hier ein paar Eindrücke über die wohl aller schönste Lokation die man sich für ein Pagan-Viking-Folk Metal Festival nur vorstellen kann.

News Message from 15.01.2013
TROLLECH - sind schon länger kein unbeschriebenes Blatt der Black Metal Szene. Die Tschechen bieten durchweg großartiger Pagan Black Metal mit einigen Anleihen im Folk und Viking Bereich.

TIMOR ET TREMOR - auf gut deutsch "Angst und Schrecken" ist eine Pagan/Black Metal Band aus Kassel. Sie begeistern von Anfang bis Ende mit melodischen schwarzmetallischen Riffs und heidnischen Lyrics. Wer auf Musik wie Naglfar und alten Amon Amarth steht, wird sich auf TIMOR ET TREMOR freuen.

CRYPTIC FOREST - Ystyr - eine kalte karge Welt, in die Cryptic Forest auf dem gleichnamigen Debutalbum, welches 2013 erscheinen wird, entführen. Angethrashter Black Metal und düstere Atmosphäre schleicht sich in ihre Songs. Schon die 2011er EP "Dawn of the Eclipse" erfuhr großes Lob und wurde als Lichtblick des deutschen Black Metal Nachwuchs betitelt.
Bei Konzerten stieß die Band auf durchweg positive Kritik. Ihre raren Auftritte hüllen sie in Blut und Kälte um die Atmosphäre der Songs noch besser unterstreichen zu können und so sollte man keine dieser einmaligen Gelegenheiten verpassen.

News Message from 23.08.2012
Wer hätte DAS gedacht?
Hi Leute,

Das BLACK TROLL FESTIVAL auf der einmalig geilen Burganlage in Bornstedt (Sachsen-Anhalt) wird im kommenden Jahr wieder auferstehen! Nachdem es in diesem Jahr einige Problem bei der Organisation vor Ort gab und das Festival somit nicht stattfinden konnte, haben sich alle Beteiligten, darunter der Bürgermeister der Gemeinde (vielen Dank an dieser Stelle!), an einen runden Tisch gesetzt und einstimmig beschlossen: Das Black Troll Festival MUSS weiter geführt werden!

Das Trollzorn Team, die Thunderstorm Security sowie viele Helfer sind in den vergangenen Monaten von EUCH, den ehemaligen Besuchern, angesprochen worden. Die Meinung war durchweg immer die gleiche: Zu viele kleine und familiäre Festivals sind "ausgestorben", und gerade die wunderschöne Burganlage mit ihren schattigen Plätzen und diesem ganz besonderen flair galt es irgendwie wieder ins Leben zu rufen. Und genau darüber haben wir uns in den letzten Wochen Gedanken gemacht - der Termin wird auf das dritte Wochenende im Mai festgelegt, wie gehabt ein Freitag und Samstag. Der Zeltplatz direkt neben der Burg steht uns ebenfalls wieder zur Verfügung.

An der musikalischen Mischung aus Folk, Mittelalter-Rock, Viking- und Pagan Metal wird sich nichts ändern, da könnt ihr beruhig sein! Lediglich zwei kleine Änderungen wird es geben: Der Name des Festivals muss auch rechtlichen Gründen leicht abgeändert werden und ab heute unter dem Namen "DARK TROLL Festival" auffindbar sein. Die Organisation des Festivals wird In-Fiction-Entertainment UG übernehmen. Ansonsten wird alles so bleiben wie es war!

Die ersten Bands werden demnächst hier bekannt gegeben werden! Bleibt am Ball! Wir hoffen ALLE Besucher der Vorjahre wieder zu sehen! Die Karten werden aufgrund der Größe der Burganlage wie gehabt streng limitiert sein.

Für weitere Infos wendet euch bitte an: info@darktroll-festival.de