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Horn was formed as a solo project in 2003 and is a solitary musical undertaking up to the present day. The initial drive behind the project was to create nature-themed Black Metal, focusing on the relation of man and nature in a regional context. The old material, being mainly concerned with detailed descriptions of nature and incorporating rather upbeat, folk-influenced riffing, has made way for more sinister themes and soundscapes over the years. What has remained throughout the course of seven studio albums is the distinct “Horn” sound, featuring siren-like lead guitars, classical Black Metal-styled vocals as well as clean chorals and a serious folkloristic approach far from the jolly drunken Viking tunes celebrated these days.

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The Viking metal veterans MÅNEGARM started out in 1995 in Norrtälje, Sweden and was one of the early bands to play pagan/Viking metal before this style became a big trend. The use of traditional instruments like violins and flute but also female vocals in their metal music came in early and over the course of nine studio albums the Swedes have developed their gripping mix of death/black metal, paired with well thought out folk arrangements. MÅNEGARM celebrated their 20th anniversary 2015 with releasing a brand new self-titled album "Månegarm" which received great reviews.

In 2018 Månegarm entered the studio to record their 10th studio album which is a conceptual album telling some fantastic stories based on great adventurous sagas such as “Hervararsagan”, “Völsungasagan” and “Saga om konung Ragnar Lodbrok och hans söner” (the Saga of King Ragnar Lodbrok and his sons) The album, named “Fornaldarsagor”, was released through Napalm Records the 26th of April 2019.

The brand new album: “Ynglingaättens öde”, has just been released, 15th of April 2022, via Napalm Records and this time the band offers a conceptual album based on the old Norse poem Ynglingatal. The poem tell us about a Swedish old Norse dynasty of rulers/kings of Uppsala and details their deeds, their rule and above all - their deaths.

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