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Antrisch is a blend of different styles of Black Metal mingled with portions of Doom, Djent and Dark Ambient. Founded in 2020, Antrisch is exploring the inner world that is the wide range of expressions bred by the human mind and inner life as well as the outer world by treating substantially the vast landscapes and forces of natur experienced through bygone ventures to the world's most extreme sceneries.

This project is a musical & lyrical expedition to the heights of the world and the depths of man.

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The Black Metal band Drudensang was founded in 2013 by Krámpn together with Skilnir and Blodspan and is based in the Bavarian Forest, on the border to Austria and the Czech Republic. It emerged from the band Ravnsvart, which was founded in 2009.

The name Drudensang is made up of the words “Druden”, a witch creature from the Bavarian Forest, a kind of night alb, and “Sang”, an old German curse, today used as “chant”.

Krámpn is very much rooted in the Krampus and Percht tradition and practices the customs handed down from generation to generation with his heart and soul. It is a central aspect of his life. Drudensang is his personal life's work, in which he reflects these traditions with the associated legends, figures and myths.

In 2013, the first demo "Rehearsal 1 – Dunkle Tradition" was released. Further releases (demos, live albums, EPs and splits) followed in short intervals. (See "Releases".) Musically, Drudensang is clearly located in the 2nd wave of Black Metal. The first demos were still characterised by a very raw style, which over the years was refined further and further into the sound that is currently typical for Drudensang: atmospheric Black Metal with an old school touch as the perfect soundtrack to the wild doings of Krampen and Perchten during the Rauhnächten.

Drudensang has been performing regularly since 2015. These performances are celebrated with ritualistic intensity and in the spirit of the traditional, wild

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The Black Forest – marked by mystical landscapes, its spirit rules the southwestern German souls. Its wealth of brute power and mightiness led a dark horde to the decision to embody the beauty of the Black Forest in a musical way, back in 2004.

Hitting the stages in 2007, a decent public attention was attracted and after the publication of the debut EP "Wiege der Finsternis" and the debut album "Weltenkraft", the horde found a new home at the German record label Einheit Produktionen.

The second studio album "...zum Tode hin" was introduced to the public in early 2009 and could deeply satisfy a wide range of different
musical preferences.

It`s the year 2012 – to date, a frightening large amount of knuckles of pork along with a greatly exaggerated quantity of Schnaps was consumed and countless breathtaking concerts were performed. With a new singer at the front and a third fully produced studio album, the band signed a contract with the Austrian label Napalm Records. "Rastlos" represents the new status of Finsterforst and exceeds everything that has been done before.

The era of Black Forest Metal has begun! With "Mach Dich Frei" Finsterforst has released their fourth full length album.

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As you all know, patience is rewarded the more, the more long one can bear the waiting.
As well as here: apparently endlessly long lasted it until these studious Thuringian Pagan Metal heros had placed its new album spectacle ~Weltenbrand~ such brilliant ready. Yet the truly breathtaking gigantic musical goodness of this terrific epic grand masterpiece compensates even the most impatients among the fans of the East German horde in amply manner!

As to expect, Gernotshagen have developed powerfully forwards and that immediately in all conceivable creative concerns: therefore the participants fortunately did lift their output generally and so these new songs are their very best until now at all. Superficial critics, who reproach the heathen heavy metal scene again and again gladly, that Pagan Metal became degenerated to a bloodless and empty genre, get by means of ~Weltenbrand~ such an extent fat and delicious feast pressed into the ears that it persistently deeply intoxicates the eardrums.

With the help of a really bombastically sounding top production, these frenetic heathen power songs are all too easily able to raise the swirled up senses of the listeners into highest appreciative heights. Actually the conviction-culprits Gernotshagen produced its new compositions such completed and such convexed arranged, that this fantastic album advances with a big blow quickly to an classic of German Pagan Metal.

The heathen heros around the shockingly express

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Midnight Odyssey was officially formed in early 2007. Originally from Ipswich, west of Brisbane, Australia, Dis Pater began writing black metal oriented music in 1999, and home recorded many songs between the years 2001 and 2007. They led to a creative output that would eventually cement itself as the atmospheric and cosmic entity Midnight Odyssey.

Dis Pater has taken influences from a wide range of music, from black metal, doom metal, neo-classical and dark ambient music, electronic music, classical/early music and folk. Mixed with themes of cosmic destruction, xenoarchaeology, and classical mythology, Midnight Odyssey has become a vessel that explores the outer reaches of humanity’s obsessions with space and death.

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With the intention of creating supreme black metal art, this quintet ascended from the catacombs of Vienna, Austria in 2016 and consists of experienced individuals exclusively. The brand new 2022 album "Fragment : Totenruhe" will be their second strike under the banner of AOP records and a worthy successor to the 2020 album "Fragment : Erhabenheit". Marking a total number of four releases since the founding days, Theotoxin stands for longevity, continuity and ongoing advancement.
Theotoxin is a guarantor for intense live performances and delivers an unprecedented show with deep yet aggressive atmosphere. With plenty of live appearances and a tour through Europe accomplished so far, the band is eager to spread their black chants even further.

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THORONDIR is a Pagan Metal band that was founded in 2007. In 2008, the band signed a record deal with CCP-Records. One year later, in 2009, they released their debut album titled "Düsterwald." Their second album, titled "Aus jenen Tagen," was recorded and released in 2011 at Woodshed Studio by V. Santura (known for Tryptikon).

In 2017, the band switched to TrollZorn Records and released their third album, "Des Wandrers Mär," in 2019. THORONDIR is known for their energetic and captivating live shows accompanied by their diverse music. With their musical works and impressive stage performances, they have secured a solid place in the Pagan Metal scene.

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Tryglav is a Croatian one man band band formed in 2018 by Boris Behara. Tired to playing with people who don't have his same vision in music. At the beginning of 2018 Boris started with the idea to create his own band inspired by his love with black metal and Horror imaginary.
During the year 2018 seven songs has been composed and re-arranged many times in his personal studio before the final versions came out.
Due the poor equipment for vocal recording vocals has been entrusted to a singer Called "Morbid" according to Boris Lyrics and patterns.
The idea for the Plague doctors came out one day when he thought how to create an impact imagine for the Band.
In the year 2019 the album has been finished and and the search for a studio for mixing and mastering had begun. After many considerations finally the studio was chosen and the album was sent to Emissary Studios in Australia. The album was sent then to some labels and after many considerations,Tryglav signed a worldwide deal with the Italian label Extreme Metal Music/Rockshots Records.
In 2022 after 3 years of hard work a new album has been recorded. The album feature the new singer Callum Wright and a new producer Rocco Pezzin.
The album is a original concept story created by Boris Behara. Sadisfied with the promotional & marketing work from the previous album Tryglav joined forces again with Rockshots Records/extreme metal music for a new worldwide record deal.

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Vanir plays a Melodic/Pagan Death Metal. The themes of the band’s lyrics are found amongst Norse mythology as well as historical interpretations of events around the Viking Age and the Dark Ages. From the halls of Valhalla to the Germanic battlefields with their bloody battles and fierce warriors, kings and Queens, the band’s music have been put together with a fascination with our common origins, and the blood spilled throughout history. Vanir will release their 7th Studio album in 2024 to follow up the critically acclaimed Sagas from 2022.

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