News from Dark Troll Festival

News Message from 07.07.2024
Thjodrörir @ Dark Troll
Gold brings wealth, gold brings death!
Dwarf mines under the troll ruins? That would be extraordinary, but not impossible. Let's see if the next band can uncover them.
The pagan metal band, founded in 2016, was already with us in 2022 and stepped in at super short notice for a band that had to cancel due illness. This year, it was important to us to have the band on board early and from the beginning on. And this will happen next year.
The band will also be releasing their new EP "Aurum" before Dark Troll, which we will be able to hear in full at the castle.
We are very pleased that our friends from Thjodrörir will be joining us.

Here's a song for those of you who don't know the band yet:

News Message from 30.06.2024
The Vision Bleak @ Dark Troll
Today a band that has never been our guest before, at least not in this combination.
Long overdue, we are delighted to welcome the duo, which was founded in 2000 and recently released their seventh album. The album was inspired by strange stories, poems and other literature of horror and the macabre.
The masters of horror metal will take the castle ruins into dark spheres and provide some goosebump moments!

Here is a chapter of the one-song epic "Weird Tales":

News Message from 23.06.2024
The Committee @ Dark Troll
Today we can unveil a band that wasn't released upfront. After seven long years, the international band is finally returning to the castle ruins!
The black/doom metallers want to present historical facts in a new light and from a new perspective. They have set themselves the following motto: "History is written by the victors. We are the voice of the dead".
The band's performance is captivating, leaves you in total emotional chaos and is an absolute must-see. You should definitely not miss it.
We are delighted to finally be able to have our friends of The Committee back at the Dark Troll!

Here is a song from their latest album "Utopian Deception":

News Message from 09.06.2024
Vansind @ Dark Troll
Today we have the last band that you could already catch in the program book and on the banner of this year's festival. Everything that follows has not yet been teased

News Message from 02.06.2024
Totenwache @ Dark Troll
Now it's getting “ugly”, now it's getting brutal, because the Hamburg black metal hope is back after an injury-related break.
Uncompromising and raw, inspired by Finnish black metal with occasional impulses from French and German black metal, they formed their very own style.
Back with their old strength, Animatrum, Host of Cinder and Valfor are working on new songs for the eagerly awaited follow-up album. We are already certain that it will build on their previous success and turn the black metal scene on its head.
We are extremely happy about the "Galgenvögel" of Totenwache!

If you don't know the band yet, here's a link to a song of their EP “Kriegswesen”:

News Message from 26.05.2024
Baldrs Draumar @ Dark Troll
Good evening everyone. We have the next band in the pipeline and in their founding year 2009 they have come up with something that can definitely be characterized as a unique selling point. The Dutch write and perform their lyrics in Frisian. A beautiful language which, like so many others, is unfortunately being spoken less and less and is therefore in danger of dying out. All the better that it will now live forever in their music. The whole thing dressed in a powerful folk metal guise and a show that has it all. Their acoustic albums are also an absolute guarantee for even more diversity in the fantastic music they create.
To date, the Frieslanders have released five albums and we are really looking forward to Baldrs Draumar's show!

Here is a song from their latest album “Njord”:

News Message from 20.05.2024
Horn @ Dark Troll
The line-up continues as promised.
After more than 20 years of existence, the next band is no longer an insider tip.
The defining sound, made up of siren-like lead guitars, classic black metal vocals paired with clean-voiced choirs, a clear focus on language and a serious folkloristic approach, is unmistakable and runs through all ten albums.
The current album “Daudswiärk” is less than three weeks old and is already seamlessly building on the success of the previous albums.
We're delighted to finally have Horn back on our stage since their first visit in 2018 and we hope you're just as happy we are about it!

Here's a song of the aforementioned new album:

News Message from 16.05.2024
Manegarm @ Dark Troll
Everyone who was at this year's edition will probably have spotted the flyer in the program booklet and the banner.
There were already five bands on it, which we would now like to gradually announce on social media and on the homepage.

Right at the beginning we want to start with a real highlight, because the inimitable Månegarm are kicking things off! Over the past years a truly friendship has developed and we are infinitely proud to announce that they will be celebrating their thirtieth anniversary with us next year. Ten albums, two demos and an EP have been released yet and in honor of these masterpieces they will be performing a very special show.

We are happy to link a song. And which one fits better than the one in which Erik's adorable daughters were immortalized in singing and acting:

News Message from 29.03.2024
Ancient @ Dark Troll
We are happy to confirm the final band today.
Our already exquisite line up can be completed today by the true Melodic Black Metal pioneers of the 90s, who have been able to celebrate worldwide success until today.
And not only that, they will be playing a special set from their cult album "The Cainian Chronicle", which has haunted us in a positive sense ever since!
Founded in 1992, the Norwegian band has released seven albums, a demo, a split and two EPs to date.
We are looking forward to the band Ancient!

Here's a song of the mentioned cult album:

News Message from 24.03.2024
Vermilia @ Dark Troll
It's not long now. To be precise, 46 days until the most beautiful festival in the world. Two bands are still missing and we are happy to announce the penultimate band.
Two years ago, the Finnish atmospheric pagan black metaller Vermilia celebrated her German debut on our stage.

Not only musically a real treat, because the whole live group also absolutely thrilled us off stage, so that a friendship could develop from it.
The project, which was founded in 2017, brings two albums and an EP with her and we are already really looking forward to this mesmerizing show

Here's a song from her latest album "Ruska":