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News Message from 21.11.2021
Shop Update
We have updated our shop a bit and added the remaining stock from Fimbul and Simson Festival.
Keep your eyes and ears open for more news from In Fiction Entertainment!

News Message from 13.05.2021
Special Shirt Design
Actually, the first bands would be playing right now and we would have a great time together. It really hurts to not be able to celebrate Dark Troll for the second year in a row...
But as a consolation and as already announced, we want to offer a special shirt like we did last year, which you can order in our shop soon.
A big fat thank you for the front design goes to Wolfenmond Art. Have a look at her page and give it a like \m/.
Also a big thank you to Shelter Design Studio for the postproduction and the backprint.

We have another request and would be happy about your participation.
Would you like to have another Facebook Live Chat on Sunday, like we did almost exactly a year ago?
If so, would you rather do it in the afternoon or in the morning?

News Message from 09.05.2021
Updated Flyer Dark Troll
Good evening everyone and Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! \m/
Here is the complete updated flyer with all confirmed bands on it, including Totenwache.
Unfortunately we don't know yet if Our Survival Depends On Us will be able to make up their show.
If not, we will find a replacement band.
Keep your ears up and stay healthy!

News Message from 02.05.2021
Totenwache @ Dark Troll
Yes Yes Yes!
At least we got some consolation for the fact that we had to postpone for the second time.
When we had to postpone the festival to 2021, two confirmed bands unfortunately had to cancel because one would have had a gig at the same time and the other in the immediate vicinity shortly after.
In the case of the band where both shows were to take place on the same day, this is no longer the case in 2022, so that the band can play both shows without any problems.

We are happy that Totenwache will be on board again in 2022.

News Message from 25.04.2021
Updated Flyer Dark Troll
Updated Dark Troll flyer with the new date for 2022.
Two replacement bands for Totenwache and Our Survival Depends On Us still to follow.

News Message from 24.04.2021
Update Dark Troll Festival
Now it is official, the Dark Troll Festival has to be postponed again...
We are more than saddened, but the high incidence numbers make it legally impossible to hold an event like the Dark Troll.
In addition, many bands have already had to cancel in advance because they cannot enter Germany, could not rehearse, curfews prevail, etc.

Nevertheless, we do not give up hope and would like to try keeping each planned band for a 2022 edition.
The date is, as every year, on a public national holiday, which next year falls on May 26 - 28.

We wish you a nice weekend.
Stay healthy and let us hope together for 2022!

News Message from 12.03.2021
In schweren Zeiten
Dear fans, and friends of our festivals,
"In Union We Stand" - the much-praised OVERKILL slogan is more relevant today than ever.

The past weeks and months have once again shown how much the metal family stands together. The incredible support you show towards all of our festivals has given us strength and courage in challenging times and continues to do so.

We, the organizers, have also moved closer together and have come together throughout Germany for a regular exchange. We are in the starting blocks to bring our festivals to live in the best possible way, as soon as the opportunity arises. Because the summer of 2021 is not lost yet!

Should there be festival cancellations, we ask you for your solidarity with the affected festivals, because this solidarity is still urgently needed.

A healthy music scene needs a diverse live scene - at the moment this is still the case in Germany. No matter if mainstream or underground, our festival landscape offers the right setting for every band and every fan. This is very important, but the pandemic threatens this diversity heavily.

We as festival organizers stick together and hope for your ongoing support!

Thank you for standing by our side - without you we would be nothing!

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News Message from 13.12.2020
New Totenwache EP

Straight as hell!
Every bit of positive news in these times is more than welcome.

Our In Fiction Entertainment roster band and absolute Black Metal high-flyers of Totenwache have just released their new EP "Kriegswesen".
The complete EP is now also available on YouTube.
Listen, bang your head off, order it and keep listening in continuous loop.
Once again, absolutely great!

News Message from 06.05.2020
Wir vs Corona
We stopped at the intensive education facility in Groß Schacksdorf. We brought: wraps and crêpes for 20 hungry children and 8 educators, including making them yourself - that's when it tastes best! It was a lot of fun! Drinks sponsored by Dark Troll Festival

News Message from 22.04.2020
Dark Troll Festival 2020 ist verschoben
Dear Metalheads...

...after we all had to wait so long for an official statement from the authorities, it is now official for the Dark Troll Festival. Many of you and also we had almost expected it and still hoped until today, but unfortunately in vain.

The Dark Troll Festival 2020 will not be able to take place this year and will be postponed to May 13th to 15th 2021.

The tickets will of course remain valid for the Dark Troll Festival 2021!

As we have a lot of work to do we ask you to refrain from personal questions and check the FAQ on from time to time. There we will announce all further information and news.

For everything that is not clarified here, please write a short mail to!

Next week we will give a statement about the current topic again, we ask for patience.

In this sense, everybody stay healthy! See you!

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