News from Dark Troll Festival

News Message from 24.09.2023
Antrisch @ Dark Troll
In 2020, the atmospheric black metal sensation of this decade, Antrisch, saw the darkness of day!
The band from Bavaria was originally planned as a studio project, but after their music was so well received, they decided to bring their lyrically and musically exceptional concepts to the stage! We are very happy and proud to announce that they will play their first Open Air at our castle ruin!
Musically, each release is about a different expedition and the logo also changes in detail. The first release was about a mountaineering drama, the second one about the expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror of the last missing part of the Northwest Passage.
Further expeditions are planned.

Here is a song of Expedition II:
Further expeditions are planned.

Here is a song of Expedition II:

News Message from 17.09.2023
Thorondir @ Dark Troll
Blutdurst, Rache, Heldenmut
In unseren Adern fließt Berserkerwut, Drachenblut
Der Schlachtengesang aus unserer Väter Hallen erklang!

Pagan as it's best. We are happy that THORONDIR from Bavaria will finally be with us again after 2017.
The band, founded in 2007, has released three albums so far, which show us that the pagan sounds have by no means dried up yet.

Here is the song we teased at the beginning, which comes from the current album "Des Wandrers Mär":

News Message from 10.09.2023
Tryglav @ Dark Troll
From the beginning we have been known to include bands that only a few people know yet. Some of them have experienced a meteoric rise after our Dark Troll and we are happy to present another absolute pearl of melodic black metal today.
The Croatian solo project around Boris Behara was founded in 2018 because he wanted to realise his own musical visions. Till now he has already released two albums, which have already been well received.
Thematically, it's all about horror stories, murder and death.
We are really looking forward to Tryglav and hope you celebrate the band just as much as we do!

Here is the title track of the album "The Ritual":

News Message from 30.07.2023
Vanir @ Dark Troll
It's been a few weeks since we announced a band.
But today it's time again and we are happy to announce the Danish Viking Metal band par excellence.
Vanir was formed in 2009 and have released six albums so far.
The Vikings are unstoppable and plan to release their new album in 2024, although their current album was released only a year ago.

Here is a song from the current album "Sagas":

News Message from 09.07.2023
As every year, we would like to know which band you would most like to see.
Stay realistic and please choose only a band of our main genres (Black, Pagan, Folk, Celtic, Viking). Also, please only one band per person. We only count the first band mentioned!

Wishes please under the original Facebook post!

We are already working hard to offer you a top-class line-up once again.
The next band announcements are already in the pipe line.

News Message from 02.07.2023
Finsterforst @ Dark Troll
Next in line. July is already here and now it's getting hot in the truest sense of the word, because with this troupe no one remains motionless.
Besides, it's a known fact that seeing each other again is always a pleasure. Old acquaintances and long-time companions are always welcome guests.
The Black Forest Metallers Finsterforst have been active since 2004 and will release their newest EP "Jenseits" this summer, which contains a 39-minute song. More epic than ever and for the first time on vinyl!
At the castle ruin, they are coming up with a very special show especially for their twentieth anniversary.

Join us and welcome these crazy dudes to the Dark Troll 2024 line up!
Here is a song from their epic "Zerfall":

News Message from 25.06.2023
Theotoxin @ Dark Troll
The moon is descending into an ocean of flames.
We're super excited that our good friends from Theotoxin will finally be part of the Dark Troll line up and returning to the castle ruin after Fimbul 2020.
The Austrians got together in 2016 and have already released four albums.
They're a guarantor for intense live performances and delivers an unprecedented show with deep yet aggressive atmosphere

Here is a song of their current album "Fragment : Totenruhe":

News Message from 18.06.2023
Gernotshagen @ Dark Troll
Today we are happy to present you band number two. Fitting to the hot weather one of the hottest German Pagan Metal bands and our good friends of Gernotshagen. In 2018 they were at Dark Troll for the last time, so it was about time to invite them again. Especially with their latest album "Ode Naturae", which was released in 2020 and is just waiting to be presented live at the castle ruin.

Hopefully you are looking forward to the Thuringians, who have been active since 1999, as much as we are!

Here is a song from the mentioned album:

News Message from 18.06.2023
Drudensang @ Dark Troll
The next band was at our Fimbul Festival in 2022 and convinced us completely. So we felt the need to invite them to Dark Troll as well.

The black metal band from Bavaria calls itself Drudensang and has been on the road under this name since 2013. After three demos, three split CDs, an EP and two live albums, they released their first album last year, called "Tuiflsrijtt".

We are looking forward to it and hope you are too.

And here is the title track of the mentioned album:

News Message from 04.06.2023
Midnight Odyssey @ Dark Troll
We want to start slowly with the line up for 2024.
Next year's Men's Day will be on May 9th, so the Dark Troll will take place from May 9th to 11th.

Those who have at this year's Dark Troll will have already spotted the first five bands. We are very honored to be able to start directly with an absolute highlight.
Midnight Odyssey from Australia will play their very first show in Germany at Dark Troll.
In 2007 Dis Pater founded the solo project which is influenced from a wide range of music, from black metal, doom metal, neo-classical and dark ambient music, electronic music, classical/early music and folk. Mixed with themes of cosmic destruction, xenoarchaeology, and classical mythology, Midnight Odyssey has become a vessel that explores the outer reaches of humanity’s obsessions with space and death.

Here is a song of their first album: