News from Dark Troll Festival

News Message from 26.11.2023
Sagenbringer @ Dark Troll
Dear troll community, we heard you!
Yesterday they just finished their first big tour and now follows the confirmation for the folk metal newcomers at the cult pagan / folk and black metal festival par excellence.

The band, which was only founded at the end of 2021, has already impressed us live, so we didn't want to miss out on inviting the Skalds from Sylt and Hamburg to the annual troll ritual in the old walls of the castle ruins.
We are very much looking forward to Sagenbringer!

And here's a song and video of their self-titled debut album:

News Message from 20.11.2023
Saxorior @ Dark Troll
We are expecting a visit from Saksenland! We are delighted that our long-time friends Saxorior will be celebrating the release of their new album "Ewighaid" next year. And not only that, the melodic black metallers will be playing a fantastic set in honor of their thirtieth anniversary.
We can't wait for it and hope you're looking forward to it just as much as we do.

Here is a live audio sample of this year's EP:

News Message from 12.11.2023
Wolves In The Throne Room @ Dark Troll
Our second headliner comes from Olympia, Washington and definitely belongs on the Olympus of atmospheric black metal. With their two demos, seven albums and three EPs, they create melancholic atmospheres that are an ode to rainstorms, wood smoke and the wild energies of the Pacific Northwest.
Founded in 2002, the band knows how to inspire with their unique style and have been conquering the world's biggest stages ever since.
We are delighted that they are now bringing their dreamlike soundscape to the stage of our castle ruins. Please welcome Wolves In The Throne Room to our ranks!

Here is a song of their current EP "Crypt Of An Ancestral Knowledge":

News Message from 05.11.2023
Tales of Ratatösk @ Dark Troll
We'd like to continue with our programme.
With a new logo, we are delighted to be able to expand our folk metal batch at the Dark Troll. Because from now on it will be strengthened by the seven Norns from the Ruhr area!
Female fronted and based on the fundamentals of death & black metal, they also know how to skilfully incorporate bagpipes and viola into their songs.
With this mix, the listener is fluidly thrown back and forth between the battlefield and the subsequent victory celebration.
We are looking forward to Tales of Ratatösk!

Here's a song for those who don't know the band yet:

News Message from 29.10.2023
Autumn Nostalgie @ Dark Troll
Like we teased past Thursday here comes the next band.

There's probably no band which fits better to the current season. Especially with that name.
The band, founded in 2010, emerged from the ashes of a previous project and the first album took longer than expected. In 2020 they could finally release their debut. However, as they were very productive during the 10 years, the follow-up album could be released already one year later.
Beautiful Slovakia is there homeland and they knows how to convince with their atmospheric/post/ambient black metal and we are already looking forward to Autumn Nostalgie!

Here is a song from the split CD, which was recently released by our friends from Northern Silence Productions:

News Message from 22.10.2023
Einherjer @ Dark Troll
As promised, we have the first headliner today.
We want to start with the one who represents the Pagan/Folk/Viking genre. The Black Metal headliner is already fixed and we hope to be able to present it to you soon.

The band we want to introduce to you today doesn't need many words, but we would like to say a few. The band, founded 30 years ago, is one of the pioneers of Viking Metal.
The Norwegian band has already played on many stages around the world and now we are happy that they will be with us for the first time.
Nine albums, two EPs and two demos have been released so far. We are very happy that Einherjer will turn the castle ruins into a real battlefield of emotions!

Here is a live video from last year's great performance at Midgardsblot:

News Message from 15.10.2023
Jord @ Dark Troll
It's slowly getting cold outside and autumn is taking its toll on us.
The following band we would like to present to you brings their dark, cold, atmospheric black metal to Germany for the first time ever.
There are also Blackgaze and post rock influences in that one-man project which was founded in 2020 by Jurg. They already released two albums and the third album will be released next month and will be called "Tundra".
The inspiration lies in northern nature, folk lore, mysticism and a man’s relation to this part of the earth.
We are very much looking forward to Jord!

Here is the latest song of the mentioned upcoming album:

News Message from 08.10.2023
Sunken @ Dark Troll
Slowly the line up is filling up! But of course we still have some surprises planned for you.
Our beautiful neighbouring country Denmark will be represented by two bands next year.
The following one has been active since 2012 and knows how to inspire with their atmospheric black metal.
Sunken will unfold their dark, melancholic, depressive soundscapes and ethereal melodies all over the castle ruins.
Their latest album "Livslede" lays out beautiful, sorrowful and extremely personal universe; an emotional journey through anxiety, self-hatred and hopelessness.

Here is a song of the mentioned album:

News Message from 01.10.2023
Gwydion @ Dark Troll
As already teased, we would like to present to you today, at the start of the eagerly awaited October, a Viking Metal band that will soon be celebrating their already thirty-year anniversary.
Only recently they made a new pact with our friends from TrollZorn. They are not sure yet when the new album will be released, but one thing is for sure - they will definitely present something new from the upcoming album at our beloved castle ruin!
We are already very happy to welcome the Portuguese band Gwydion in the line up.

Here is a track from the current album:

News Message from 28.09.2023
Flyer Update
Our line-up so far. Extremely promising and already very international with Bands from:
Germany Gernotshagen, Finsterforst, Drudensang, Antrisch, Thorondir
Australia Midnight Odyssey
Croatia Tryglav
Austria Theotoxin
Denmark Vanir
There's more to come and on Sunday we continue with a Viking Metal band with almost 30 years of experience!